Hello everyone today I want to talk about the dangerous of visualization. Yes, you heard right. Don't start to visualize before watching this video. 

Well why is it so dangerous to visualize and do this one mistake? Many people visualize and then they imagine what they want to have in the future they think about the great men that they want to have the Think about the abundant lifestyle that they want to have. They think about the new job, new car or everything that they want to have, but they send out the vibration of future manifestation which means the thing that you want to have is always in your mind your subconscious mind in the future, it is never now it is never happening in the current moment. And it's really, really dangerous to do that because you'll send out the vibration of the future of not having it now of needing it have not been there yet have not been there where you want to be of not feeling really comfortable. And you should not do that you must do that at all.

You always need to create the vibration of having things in the now of being happy and the know. You need to feel happy, healthy, loving, as if you already had your manifestation now, as if you already had the man that you desire. Now, as if you had the new job, abundant lifestyle, everything that you want in the now. For example, if you are trying to manifest your dream husband, make place in your cupboards for him, go out and take yourself on dates because you need to have time for a man, right, if you meet someone and you want to create that vibration in the current moment in the now, really in the in the present moment, not in the future.
Practice that and remember, you always attract the energy that you send out the vibration that you send out. You don't get what you want. You get what vibration you send out, comment that down below, comment down below I, I attract what vibration I send out, I attract what vibration I sent out, comment that now down below.

And another thing is to have trust in the universe, you really need to trust the universe, that it will deliver what you want. That's another big thing to raise your vibration and trust the universe to present you what you want to send what you want your way. If you trust the universe than your vibrational race, in an instant, automatically, really, it's such a great tool to practice this really great method to practice trusting the universe to letting go of things. Being in the now living in this moment, being happy in this moment. And just being happy, healthy loving vibration that you send out, removing all these negative things, negative blocks that you have in your vibrational field to open the space up for what you want. Also comment down below. I trust that the universe will send me whatever I desire. I trust that the universe sends me whatever I desire. This method really works.

As I said, don't visualize with the future vibration. Always visualize the present vibration of feeling good feeling happy, feeling healthy feeling loved in the present moment. I hope you liked this video, give me a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel and click the bell button to get notified for new videos. Bye for now.