Vision Board How To



Hello, my lovelies. Today we're gonna talk about how to create a vision board for the law of attraction. If you haven't done that, make sure to subscribe to my channel if you're on YouTube and click the bell button to get notified when new videos are up and also give me a like, because this video is sponsored by likes. Okay, so how to create a vision board What is my step? What are my steps? Number one is get in the ride Why? Yes, you want to be in the ride. Why pursue create your vision board you want to feel high on life, you've won a few good and love fun, joy, happiness. really having a good wipe before creating your vision board is so key to the process. If you're in low vibrations, then things will derail very, very fast. So no, we don't want to have low vibrations. We want to have the high vibe tunnel wipes. And then number two is I do two vision boards usually I do one with small goals and one with big goals and dreams. So for example, after my breakup from the emotional abusive guy for after that relationship broke up, I was in no position to really dream big and have this hi things that I imagined I needed to start small really small because I needed small quick wins. I couldn't wait for the next big things, big manifestations to happen. I needed work really, really small things. For example, this can be a beautiful home. I put on my own Put on my vision board beautiful home with nice pillows, flowers, nice pictures, really gotten inspiration on Pinterest to what I really want to have and put that on my vision board or a nice coffee mug. Just a nice day in the spa or a nice day out with my friends. Really small things are staying at home and reading a book. And each time I felt really down I didn't believe in the big things. I didn't feel like manifesting the big things I didn't feel like having the power to manifest them. I just took out my small vision board and checked it and I thought hey, I can buy myself flowers today. Or I can go on a coffee date for the friend. This quick easy way when and that will also help to raise your vibration and make yourself Believe in the law of attraction and not lose the belief in it. And the other board is really the big dreams that you have. This can be a great relationship, a car, nice apartment bag or the vision that you have of yourself. If you want to be the yogi girl are the spirit spiritual gold surfer girl, the cool girl, whatever you want, I'm yeah. Whatever you really envision for yourself what your big goals are money, goals, love goals, home goals, job goals really make put everything big on this big vision board goal. And when you're feeling really high, why powerful when you supercharge your manifesting powers then take out that vision board and look at it and really put some thoughts in it and high wives in it so that your manifesting powers get supercharged and you attract what you want. And my next topic is also number three, how to supercharge your manifesting powers and make your vision boards come true is by connecting to the universe connecting to the light. This is so important. ABC always be connected to the universal light because the universe the light will work its magic through you. If you connect yourself, it will heal you it will supercharge your manifesting powers and your manifestations will become your reality so much faster than also you need to use what would it take statements? For example, what would it take for me to receive an amazing job? What would take for me to receive money What would it take for me to receive my soulmate? Or what would it take for me to love myself more? Comment that down below what would it take for me to love myself more? What would it take for me to love myself Marty This is so important only when you love yourself, will you be in a high vibration and are able to supercharge your manifesting powers and attract what you want? I do this practice so much with my clients, I tap into their energy field in their vibrational field and start supercharging their manifesting powers. I connect them to the light with my intuition and I give them the ride what would it take statements but ever they need really am really, really specific. You can do the general statements of course but if you're specific If you know what you really need to work on, that will supercharge your manifesting powers so much faster. You will start to manifest in a breeze and get rid of all these manifestation blocks that are seated in your energy field in your vibrational field. And don't wait another day long start to supercharge your manifesting power start to get rid of the blocks don't waste another day. Don't waste another week Haven't you already wasted enough think about what your life will look like if you get rid of your manifestation blocks and are able to supercharge your manifesting powers. You will rock the party girl Italia. Yeah. So as I said, Don't wait any longer start today. Start now take action. If you want you can also contact me and do a free call With me to have a breakthrough crawl to discover what your what is blocking you and what is holding you back. It's hundred percent for free. And I hope you liked this video give me a thumbs up me if you're on YouTube. Make sure to subscribe to my channel and click the bell button to get notified when new videos are up. I love you guys bye for now.