Use Scripting To Increase Your Manifestation Power {Meghan Markle Style}



Hey today we're gonna talk about how to use scripting to manifest like Meghan Markel. Yes If you want to have an amazing abundant wealthy lifestyle like Meghan Markel, use scripting to manifest it to attract it into your life in a breeze. Before we get started make sure to give me a thumbs up if you're watching on YouTube subscribe to my channel and click on the bell to get notified when new videos are up. So how to use scripting to manifest like Meg mark. As we all know, Meghan Markel had this blog the tip before she got married to Prince Harry. And that's why I guess she's writer so I guess she liked journaling. She liked writing. So I'm not sure if she Yeah, I think she she's just she just like writing and I cannot say hundred percent if she used square Acting to manifest what she wants but she for sure is a super manifester and my scripting tips will give you the edge will make you into a super manifester, too. So, tip number one is well you script out is using the present tense so for example write out your universe I want to have I have a knot I want to have I have Sorry, I think you that I have an amazing we'll see lifesteal for example, in my case it could have been thank you for being successful. Actress thank you for having a super successful, rich, gorgeous husband that I love that the who loves me and Yeah, just write it out as, like as if it's already happened in the present tense. This is so important and also, tip number two is put in feelings. So put in the feelings that you want to feel when your manifestation materializes. So for example, this could be an McMartin case. Dear universe, I am so much in love with my husband or my husband is so much in love with me. He adores mean, he loved me so so much. And we have this beautiful child together this happy healthy little child together and we have a healthy lifestyle. We have private jets, we have take trips and we are so popular and every day I get up and I am so happy that I have manifested all these amazing things into my life. I feel so abundant and wealthy and whatever it may be for you, whatever the wealth will look for you maybe it's a new car, or more money or an amazing job. So write that all out with a lot of good emotions with feeling B's Amazing, amazing emotions. And I mean, I know there is a lot of controversy around Meg Markel through because of their mixer and so on, but I do not want to get into detail with that. Because this video is all about you, it's all about how you can manifest an amazing life and how to use scripting to manifest an amazing life. Because it's so possible for you to and I want you to have the dream life that you always wanted to have. So let's focus on you alone. And let's get you your dream life. So tip number one was using present tense when you write it down, act as if you number two was putting a lot of feelings into it. And tip number three is be grateful for what you have manifested into your life, what you already have in your life. So that may or may be that you have a good job that you have a roof over your head, that you have amazing friends Whatever it is, there's always something even if things do not go the way that you want, there will always be things that you can be grateful for. So think about what it is that what you have already manifested into your life that you can be grateful for. For example, let's say in my Merkel's case, before she got married to Prince Harry, it could be thank you for that I earn good really good money for being an actress. Okay, she was not a celebrity or whatever. But she still had good recurring role on the series and she had a good job. So she was earning money as an actress. She was not struggling. She had amazing friends. And she had a really good life. She was maybe like, Jen, Jennifer Lawrence type of a crease, but still she had a good, really good job. And yes, I said good money, good friends traveling around. And yeah, of course, she wanted more who doesn't want to have more. But as I see, she was very grateful for what she already had. That's why she had such a high vibration, she was attracting even better things into her life, aka Prince Harry. And so for you to be grateful for what you have, even if you are not on the top of what you really really dreamed about, but be grateful for what you already have in your life. And the universe will reward you for that the universe will reward you for having such Amazing emotions, such an amazing high vibration because when you have a high vibration you will be able to attract what you desire. So Meghan Markel really had high vibration going for her. That's one reason why she was able to attract a prince into her life. She was grateful for what she had she had high vibration and was able to attract high ype people high vibe surroundings into her life. And we all know that is how she met Prince Harry through her high life, surrounding through her high vibe friendships that she created from within because your outer world is always a reflection of your inner world and if you come from a high place if you come from a place of self love and self confidence, That will show you that will show in your outer world. So now some people who do not like mag Marco may say she has really ugly inside maybe I don't know. It's up to everyone actually I do not. I do not really have a big copy or opinion on that. But it's not about that it's about her high vibration and her gratitude for what she already had. So no matter what people may think about her insight, she still had a high vibrations, she still had gratitude, and drive and self confidence. And these are the things that are important to manifest what you want to have what you desire. So make sure to be grateful and express it to the universe. My next tip is Tip number four is have fun while scripting so enjoy it. Do not be desperate. Do not fall into that trap of being desperate in thinking. Yeah, I've made all of that out but I do not have it yet. No remember, I don't think that manga Markel was sitting there being desperate for a men. And I think she was just super relaxed and enjoyed herself and that's why she extracted Prince Harry into a life she was having fun already. And that was super attractive for not only a man but anything that you want to attract into your life. Just have fun with it. Be light hearted. come from a place of joy, love and happiness and you will be amazed at How quickly and easily you will be able to manifest your desires. So these are my four tips for scripting to manifest like men Markel. I hope you like them if yes then give me a thumbs up if you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel and click on the bell button to get notified when new videos are up. Bye for now. 

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