Supercharge your manifesting power


Hello everyone, today I want to discuss how to supercharge your manifesting powers. So if you don't already know I want to explain shortly what blocks are and why they're in your way of manifesting what you want to have.

What are blocks?

So blocks are seated in your energy field. These are beliefs that you pick up when you were a child, and they get seated in your energy field and block away what you want on it means you only attract the energy that you send out. So if you have blocked energy blocking energy, like desperation, you will attract desperation and not abundance, love money, all the good stuff.

And how does it work to attract what you want?

So how does it feel if don't attract what you want, it feels very contracted energy, very hinged energy in very dense and What you want to have is an expanded light energy that also attracts let light abundant energy as well.

So what are the steps to expand your energy and supercharge your manifesting powers?

Number one is you need to connect to the light to the universal energy that is surrounded that we are surrounded by. How do you do that? You imagine a loving light energy connecting to your head all the way down through your body, to the to your feet and to the center of the earth. And then imagine a light bulb surrounding yourself. That way you will have an expanded energy all around you. 

Next you want to identify where problems are and what you want to manifest. For example, if you want to want to manifest love, and you always get cheated on, for example, and it doesn't work out with the men that you would like to work out with you think about that problem, define that problem. And just feel where it's seated in your body. You want to ask, Where is that energy blocked in or around my body where just feel tense, or blocked or heavy? And then you will ask some questions like, when did I pick up that energy? When did I did I experience for example, my dad cheating on me or my first boyfriend cheating on me? So you want to ask questions like who did I pick it up from? When did I pick it up with is seated in my body. 

And then the last and final step is to release that energy and to fill it up with loving light energy. What you do is you think about what would it take to attract a loving partner? What would it take to be in a loving relationship, and then you think and direct the light that you want to have in your blocked areas. That way you can release their energies, the blocked energies, full it up with a loving light, universal energy that will supercharge your manifesting powers, you will get rid of all the negative, bad things that keep away what you want. And you really, really need to do that. It's the one it's the most important steps to to manifest what you want to attract what you want, I experienced so often that people lock themselves with beliefs and blocks like that. But now you have the way how to get rid of these blocks and how to supercharge your manifesting powers. 

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