SCRIPTING To Manifest Money! Techniques For Scripting Money FAST


Today you will learn how I manifest the $20,000 super quickly and how you can do it too. Do you try to manifest more money, a better job and abundant lifestyle, then this video is right for you. So how did I manifest $20,000 within a few weeks, and how can you do it too?

1. Ask The Universe For It

So the number one step is you need to ask the universe for it. Very obvious, right? If you do not ask for it, how should the universe deliver? So you need to ask the universe?

  • What would it take for me to manifest $20,000? 

You need to be specific how much money do you want to manifest and you need to ask the universe you need to open these channels up for you. You need to open the channels the communication channels with the universe so that you send out clear messages that you send out clear questions so that the universe can deliver you the right actions.

You may gonna take guided action, or you will meet the right people at the right time. Just doors will open, ideas will flow to you. And it will open your communication channels with the universe.

2. Script It

Step number two is write it out, scripted out. So once you have your core question, what would it take for me to manifest $20,000 then write it out. Write it out 10 times 20 times on a piece of paper. Send it out into the universe so that the universe can answer your prayers can answer your wishes, your dreams. Make it come true.

3. Feel It

Number three is you need to feel it. So you need to feel abundant before you can manifest abundance you need to feel what it feels like to have more money to have a more abundant lifestyle. All these feelings will give you a higher vibe and higher vibes will attract, of course, better things into your life. So make sure that you really feel the positive energy and the joy the abundance that you would feel if you manifested that money. Just pretend to have it in your life already.

4. Focus On What You Will Give?

And next step is focus on what you're going to give to receive that money. So if you are in a job, or if you're looking for a new job with a higher payment, think about what skills you have. What can you offer to get a higher payment? Or if you want to start a side business think about what can you offer to people? What are your skills? What are you really good at? What can you create? What can you offer to receive this extra money, focus on giving and then you will receive more money. More money will flow and come into your life more easily. Once you recognize your own self worth. Once you know that you can earn more once you ditch all your money manifestation blocks such as: I'm not good enough, money so hard to get, and so on. Once you ditch that once you feel good and focus on giving, money will flow in your pockets like a breeze.

5. Have Faith

And the fifth step is have faith that this money will come. So, when you followed all the steps that I just told you, then you need to be certain you need to be hundred percent sure and have faith in the universe, that that money will manifest in your life. You do not have to influence how the money will come to you. You just need to follow the steps and the universe will send you the answers you do not have to have the answers now or tomorrow. But if you follow the steps and have faith in the universe, then for sure the manifestation will become your reality. That money will flow into your pocket.