POWER OF NOW Book Review {Eckhart Tolle}



Hello my lovely ladies. Today we are going to talk about the power of now by Eckhart Tolle. That's going to be a book review and it's going to be amazing. This is an amazing book. And he needs to listen to this video to find out what it's about and how you can use it to manifest more money into your life. It works wonders. It works magic I tell you is one of the best books that I have ever read. Eckhart Tolle is an amazing person and an amazing spiritual leader, and you do not want to miss out this video. So before we get started, make sure to give me a like for this video. And if you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel and click the bell button to get notified when new videos are up. So let's get started with this amazing book, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. So what is this book about and what can you learn from it to Super charge your manifesting powers. This book is about living in the present moment and feeling good about it. Because if you live in the present moment and stop obsessing about the past or in the future, and just be in the moment, experience it feel good, then you will raise your vibration. On the other hand, if you obsess about the future, if you're fearful, you have doubts. You're you think, Oh, my life sucks so much hated to the same as I did. I did all these mistakes. So I talking from experience here. I was in an abusive relationship. And of course I hated it. You cannot blame me for that right? But I had to drop that resistance as Eckhart Tolle talks about God To drop the resistance that you feel for in the, in the present moment that you have in you and that you build up around you because if you have resistance around you, then you will not be able to manifest what you desire. The resistant resistance will only attract more of what you do not want to have of the things that you already have in your life. And it's really like a wall you need to it's a resistance you more you push against them, the more it will push back and you will get the same results that you created already in your life and you do not want that right. So he talks about it, how to live in the present moment how to enjoy the present moment and drop the resistance against the present moment to enjoy it too. Just feel the present moment. Go out or going out into the nature experiencing it. Just being and just feeling the abundance that there is around you and just being fascinated about the abundance that is around you and stop being doubtful fearful in the in the moment and to really enjoy it. Love the moment drop your resistance because in every moment each and every moment we can choose between suffering and peace, inner peace. So what do you want to choose? Do you want to choose suffering Do you want to keep suffer and say I hated and, like child's kicking and screaming do not want to be here. I hate to be Be here. Or do you want to choose peace, because if you choose peace, then the things that are in the present moment will just change. As soon as you drop your resistance, things will start to change. Because you'll send out a different energy you'll drop your resistance and you will be able to attract what you really desire. For me it was once I started to being desperate and fearful and accepting, okay, I am in this abusive relationship. But in the present moment, I choose peace and I choose love and I would do walking meditations to choose love and peace. And even in the beginning, it was just for 10 seconds maybe, but I feel good in the moment. And then it gradually would go up a minute, 10 minutes, half an hour, I would start to feel good. I could freely feel the inner peace. And what did they do? How did that supercharge my manifesting power? So I wanted to be out of the relationship. I wanted to have a business that I love doing. And once I dropped the resistance, things started to change. Answers started to come to me, I got new intuitions, I improved my intuition. I got answers from the universe, telling me what to do next. And things started to change. I got out of the relationship. I regained my self confidence. I dropped my beliefs that I cannot do what I love that I cannot earn money with what I love, and I started to think Just start to shift in the way that I really wanted that I had desired for so many years. And that was all due to enjoying the present moment, dropping the resistance, and being open to the answers from the universe that you will receive, and the new situations that will come up, and you will be able to receive them to see new new possibilities to be open to them. And that's the way to supercharge your manifesting powers to attract more abundance into your life to attract more money into your life. Maybe for you it's you're stuck in a job that you really, really don't like. And I know that I know how that feels because I also was in that same situation. And I hated going to the job and I was doing a different business and I hated doing it. I had so much resisting towards it and it was just horrible. But when I started to accept that situation, the situation started to change. And I got out of that situation. And I was able to start the business that I love, live in abundance, live in peace and happiness, and just really inner peace and being surrounded by so much abundance in my life, having more money having more free time. For myself free time meant so much abundance because I was working 24 seven, basically, and having free time meant abundance to me. So what does abundance mean to you? Is it more money and more free time that you can spend with your loved ones having better friends I started to have way more friends than before and reconnect to old friends that I had lost that I didn't keep in touch with but I could reconnect with them because suddenly I had more time on my hand and I had more freedom. And all these amazing things start to happen once you drop your resistance, enjoy the present moment and just be open to board's gonna come to use. So if you're interested in learning more about that I work with my clients, the different techniques dropping the resistance living the present moment is just one of the amazing techniques that I work with my clients and they get incredible results laser really incredible results. So they They manifest more money into their life they manifest a better job, a side business, feeling of abundance friends, love, all these amazing things are able to come into your life you are able to manifest them. 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