Manifesting Ritual


In this video I'll talk about my three step manifesting ritual to super charge your manifesting powers. 

1. Discover Your Blocks

The first step is to discover your blocks. I write a lot about what manifesting blocks are. Those are for example:

  • I am not enough 
  • I'm not smart enough
  • I'm too young to earn enough money
  • I'm too old to manifest what I want
  • All good men are gone
  • It's so hard to make money 

I personally had this block that I am not smart enough. I need a man who takes care of me. The Cinderella complex of needing this Prince Charming that will come and rescue me one day. Well, that story did not work out for me. And I don't recommend that sorry. I was in an abusive relationship. Well my Prince Charming turned into a Cinderella horror story. But uncovering my blocks was the first step to become a super manifestor. 

2. Remove The Blocks 

The next step in my ritual is to remove the blocks by connecting to the universe. To the loving light energy. Imagine light coming into your head and then surround yourself with the loving light energy. Connected to the center of the universe. Then say statements like what would it take for me to know and feel that I am enough? Let the energy work through your blocks. Work through your body to make the blocks disappear. The source energy is so powerful. It can influence us in such an amazing profound way that you will experience magic happen. 

For me things started to shift. I started to believe in myself. To love myself. I started to meet so many amazing people. I started to do the work that I love. That I was meant to do. I improve my intuition. Be connected to the source energy at all times. And you can do it too. You can remove blocks and become a Super Manifestor. When I work with my clients I connect them to the light. I literally tap into their energy field and heal them. Remove their deep seated blocks to supercharge their manifesting powers. 

3. Practice Gratitude

The last but not least step is gratitude. It is such a wonderful way to connect to the universe and to be in harmony with that higher vibration. Also it helps to raise your vibration instantly. Just make a list in the morning. Write down three things that you are grateful for. Really feel the gratitude. 

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