Manifesting Love 3 Dangerous Thoughts That Block The Law Of Attraction


Hi, today you will learn the three dangerous thoughts that block your the law of attraction. 

1. I Am Not Enough

Block number one is I am not enough. How often did you have this thought? I am not enough. I cannot do this. I cannot do that. I am not good enough to do that job, or I'm not good enough for this guy. I can't attract enough money. I can't attract the perfect partner. Just things like that. How often do you think that? Be honest to yourself, how often do you have this thought about I am not enough? What happens is in your energy field in your vibrational field, these blocks appear, and they block away what you want to manifest, they block away your desires. So that's why it's so dangerous to have these blocks. If you have been experiencing the law of attraction not working for you, then I can tell you, the blocks are the evil part. The blocks are what keep away what you want to manifest. I hear that so often, oh, the law of attraction isn't working for me. It's working for others, but it's just not working for me. Well, I just told you why it's not working for you. You have this blocks. And that's why you cannot attract vibrationally what you desire most.

2. There Is Not Enough

Block number two is there is not enough. So there is not enough money in the world. There aren't enough good guys, or all good guys are gone. Or there are not enough good jobs. I cannot have enough money because there isn't enough. Well think about it, how much money and abundance is available. Money is printed every single day. There is so much of it available. And you just need to get rid of these blocks and open your manifesting channels. Raise your vibration in order to manifest what you really desire. Really, you have to work on this. You have to work on removing your blocks. Ask the universe:

  • What would it take for me to really remove my manifestation blocks? 
  • What what are what would it take for me to receive more money? 

Send it out into the universe you will amplify the effect if you write it out, believe me.

3. Wishing

Block number three is saying to yourself, I wish I had more money. I wish I had a great job. I wish I had a great partner. I wish I had a great apartment. I wish I had better friends. All these I wishes are blocks. If you walk around and say I wish I wish I wish, then for sure the law of attraction will not work for you. If you say I wish you always send out the vibration of lack of not having of not being enough.

In order to solve this you need to be grateful what you already have. You need to be grateful for the money that you already have for the job that you already have the friends, the apartments, whatever, or even just small things like running water at your house. And you need to remove this manifestation block of I wish. You need to ask the universe

  • what would it take me to feel enough? 
  • What would it take for me to know and feel that I am enough? 

Send that out into the universe to amplify your manifesting powers a kick and supercharged them.