Manifestation Rituals For New Years Resolution


Today we're gonna talk about manifestation rituals for New Years. Do you want to set resolutions for the next years do you want to manifest amazing things in 2020? Then this video's right one for you.

 1. Create A Desire Box

My number one tip for manifesting rituals and New Year's resolutions is create a universe desire box and put your desires into them. I have this little nice box, white one with black stripes on it. Just get a card box like this. And then you write out what your desires are for the next year, what you want to manifest in the next year. Do you want to have more money? Do you want to manifest more money? Do you want to manifest an abundant lifestyle? Do you want to manifest love into your life? Anything is possible anything goes and anything goes into the box. Write it out, put it in the box and give the desire over to the you Universe. Handed it over, surrender your wishes and set the intention right now. I want to manifest more money or anything that you want to have, or something even better. And then you just put it in there you set it and forget it.

It's so important that you forget about it because you do not want to obsess about your desires. If you obsess about it, you your life will go really low and you won't attract what you want. You will attract more bad things.

   2. Set Intentions on New Year´s Eve With Your Friends

And then my tip number two is set intentions on New Year's Eve with your friends. So pull out some pen and paper and talk to your friends about setting intentions. Everybody puts two little paper stripes and writes two intentions on them. One intention you want to keep to yourself if you want, if it's more of a secret desire, and the other one you'll share with everyone else, and you can talk about it. Group energy gets created and group manifestations can happen. Maybe there's something that another friend of yours wants to manifest, maybe you want to manifest a better body or being more healthy, whatever it is, share it with your friends talk about it, and that's a really nice thing to do as a group activity on New Year's Eve. And just to share it with your friends, having a good time and giving your manifestation a little kick in the butt.

 3. Create A Vision Board

My third tip is create a vision board. So take a piece of cardboard or whatever you like. On the internet, select a few images, think about what you want to manifest in the coming year. Just create a really nice vision board that you can put above your bed or wherever you want to see it.

I usually do two vision boards or split them in half. And one is with small manifestations, two small things that I want to manifest. This can be just eating healthy, certain amount of money that I want to manifest or having a good time. Just little things that can be manifested in your life quite quick and easy, because that will give you some more motivation. If you have small wins. That's a great way to keep up your motivation to keep your faith up into the universe and the law of attraction.

And on the other side, you put up big manifestations, maybe really big amount that you want to manifest, or that you want to get married the next year, things like that. If you're single getting married is a big thing. If you're already in a relationship, maybe that's not a big thing. You just have to see for yourself, what would be a really big amazing manifestation. Where you would say, wow, great, it's amazing that I have manifested that. It's incredible. I'm so happy about it. Like a really big thing and put it on that side or on the second board.

The small manifestations will give you these little motivation kicks throughout the month or throughout the year. And once the big things manifest, it's like a really big, nice thing. But you have small wins throughout the year. And that's just super nice thing to have.

Although, of course, your big manifestations can happen super quick as well, especially if you remove your manifestation blocks. If you remove the things that keep away what you really, really desire. I had clients manifesting a thing super fast when they removed their manifestation blocks. Manifestation blocks are things that are beliefs about yourself or about the world. That gets translated into your vibrational field into your vibrational energy and your vibration attracts what you attract what you send out, right? So if you have these blocks for example, I'm not pretty enough, I'm not smart enough, there is not enough money in the world or earning more money is so hard. Or people who have money are greedy, things like that. If you have these manifestation blocks, then it's gonna be super hard for you to manifest money but once you remove them, then it's super easy to attract more money and magical things can happen in your life. If you're interested to know more about it then schedule a free call with me where we will discover what's holding you back and what you truly desire? It's totally for free, check out the link below. Book the free call today take action today because the New Year is coming. And you do not want to waste another day of your life.