Manifest Your Wish INSTANTLY


You want to manifest your desires, but it's just not working the way you want. Why on earth is this happening? Yes, we all know this problems, right? I experienced this too. I was in such a bad place. I was in an abusive relationship for three years with a men who control all my life. I wasn't allowed to contact my friends. I was very limited in contacting my family. I manifested these negative things into my life, right? Being so controlled having not enough money, struggling with money, struggling with relationships, and it all came from my manifestation blocks.

See, you don't manifest what you desire, you manifest what you believe about yourself. So, if for example, like me, you have beliefs like, I'm not enough. I'm not lovable. I'm not smart enough to make money. Money's hard to get. Only the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I have to work so hard to make more money. It's such a struggle to make money, or I had the story that I need a man to make money for me because I'm not enough. The Cinderella story if you know what I'm talking about, waiting for the prince charming that rescues you. Well, that really worked. Well for me that story I tell ya, was real bad. I mean, real, real bad. And, yeah, women have that a lot. Thinking to themselves, all these stories and thinking they need to be rescued.

And what happens is we end up in such a bad place, not having our desires at all, but having attracted and manifesting so bad things. So how do you get out of that?

1. Realize You Have Blocks

First, you have to realize that you have these blocks. Believe me, even if you have just one block, it's totally enough to screw your life like big time. If you think you have to work hard for money or money just goes away. That will screw up your life. You need to wake up you need to realize you have block.

2. Reconnect To The Universe

Then the second step is reconnecting to the universe. Connecting to the universe, that you trust the universe, that you know that the universe loves you. You do that by connecting yourself to the loving light energy. Imagining a light coming into your head and then surrounding you in a white light bulb and just feeling the connection feeling better by knowing that there is a greater power that is watching over you. That is there to serve you. And that is there to love you. Really, I know it's hard, sometimes life gets you and then you're like

"Hey universe, where were you when that happened? I was waiting and you did not show up for me." 

Well, okay, that happens, problems happen in life, and they will happen in life. Let's be honest here. Problems are there for us to grow and to get better and to overcome our blocks because if you have the block that money is hard to get, then that's what you will manifest over and over again. So the universe actually sent you these problems as a reminder to show you

"Hey, sweetheart, you have this block, you need to get rid of that. You are stuck there. And I'm trying to show you what's going on, but you're just not listening. Wake up." 

3. Remove The Block

Yeah, well, so after you've reconnected to the universe and regained your faith and your trust in the universe, you need to remove the blocks. So you do that by asking the universe:

  • what would it take for me to know that I am enough? 
  • Or what would it take for me to be financially independent?
  • What would it take for me to receive more money ?

Send it out into the universe, write it down, supercharge your manifesting powers by sending out these questions into the universe. Repeat these questions over and over again until the universe comes and shows you the answers. Let me tell you, the universe will show you the answer. Once you start asking different questions. You will receive the answers. It happened to me and it's going to happen to you. My life started to change. I got out of this bad, abusive relationship. I became financially independent. I became financially literal and responsible.

The universe will send you good things the universe will send you guidance. Who knows what will happen, you may might win the lottery, or you receive money from somewhere else. All these things, magical things start to happen once we get rid of our old stories, yes, our really bad old stories. Don't do the same mistake as I did, girl. Now really, it's the time to stop it. When I work with my clients, I just try I just shake them up. I wake them up. I tap into their energy fields, we uncover their blocks and get rid of them in a breeze. Just throw everything out that they don't need that blocks their manifesting power.