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So let's get started.

1. Number one word you should never say before going to bed is I wish I had this. I wish I had that. I wish I had a boyfriend. I wish I had a great job. I wish I had a great apartment. I wish I wish I wish. If you say I wish you will just send out the vibration of lack of not having what you really want. And the universe will only hear what you send out if you say if you have the feelings of fear lack of not having what you want. That's what the universe will hear it will hear, Oh, she doesn't have what she wants. So here you get more of what you don't have that makes sense to you. If you are not a vibrational match to what you want, you will never ever receive what you really want.

The only thing you will do is repeat the past. And actually the universe loves you so much. It wants to send you what you desire for defeat and if it only hears, I wish I had this I wish I had that. The universe only hears the question for a lack of things and that's what will you presented to you a lack of her not having what you really desire.

2. Number second is, I hope I had this. Again. It's very similar I wish and I hope creates very similar energies of leg of not having what you want of negativity somehow I hope I had that or how I hope this will not happen if you if you say it negative it's even worse because if you say, I hope this guy won't believe me I hope I won't get fired from my job. I hope this and that things like that. The universe only hears the word. I hope my boyfriend won't leave me. The universe can't hear it the not it will only hear my boyfriend leaves me or I will lose my job. Or I'll have I don't I won't get what you what you want.

That means you won't get what you want. Because the universe concretely hear negative words that only can hear like you, the boyfriend not leaving that will turn it into the boyfriend leaving.

3. And number three is I regret. I regret that I left him, I'd regret that I did this. I regret that I did that. That creates such a negative energy around yourself in your energy and vibrational field that it will only attract really negative things back and you always live in the past. Because you've think about the past, or you did this in the past you did that in the past. You did things that you shouldn't have done or whatever it is. It doesn't matter if you are living in the past, the past will repeat itself in the future because the universe only hears regrets and the situations from the past and will transfer them again into the, into the future. Instead of saying I regret you should accept that this thing happened. And just try to learn from it because the universe loves you so much it actually gives you all this love gifts of things that happen to you in order for you to grow and learn from them. I know that doesn't sound like a great present love gift, right?
But it is like that the universe really loves you so much. And it does want you to learn it does want you to grow and become a better person and that's why you're being tested with the same and same situations again until you can learn from them. So the best thing that you can do is look at that situation accepted. Just try to learn from it. Maybe you were together with the guy that left you are that cheated on your are just things like bad things like that.

  • Then you need to look back at that and think about what kind of a person was he? 
  • What kind of qualities did he have?
  • Why did I fall for someone like that?
  • How can I avoid falling for someone like that? How can I change myself? 

How can I love myself more? So I don't fall for men like that I do find someone who is worthy and accepts and knows my worth as well. And you need to see yourself as worthy.

And I want you to think about positive statements such as, what would it take for me to receive a loving partner

  • what would it take for me to be in a loving, happy, healthy relationships? 
  • What would it take for me to be in the happy, healthy, loving relationship?
  • What would it take for me to find love?
  • What would it take for me to find love that opens up your subconscious mind and the questions to the universe change, which means the universe will serve and presenting new answers to better questions. 

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