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Do you want to know how Meghan Markel manifested the prince into her life? Why she is a Super Manifestor? And how you too can become a Super Manifestor? Learn from Meghan Markel and manifest more money into your life. How did Meghan Markel manifest the prince and unlimited abundance into her life?

1. Confidence

We need to go back in the story when she was young. That's already when she showed traits of a Super Manifestor. Which number one is confidence and faith in the universe. When she was young, she didn't like an ad that was on TV because it was discriminating against women. She thought, "I don't like this ad, I'm gonna change something. I am valuable enough that my voice is going to be heard." She wrote a letter to Procter & Gamble because she wanted to have this ad changed. 

Can you imagine a young child having so much self confidence. So much belief in herself that she thinks to herself "You know what? I have to write to those people and they are going to hear me." This shows what kind of a Super Manifestor she already was at a young age. Well, I didn't have that self confidence when I was young. I didn't think "Oh, you know what, let me write a letter to a company president. Let me write a letter to this big company. Have my voice heard. And just have things changed in a way that I want." Most of us probably didn't have this self confidence at a young age. Not knowing what we wanted. Not knowing that we are worth to have our voice heard. Not knowing that we are enough.

No, most of us have thoughts like: "Oh, I'm not enough. I'm not important enough. Or I'm too young. I'm too old. I don't have the right education. Money is hard to earn. Only the rich get richer the poor get poorer." Most of us have these stories in our heads instead of - like Meghan Markel - having self-confidence.

Even her dad was a Super Manifestor because he manifested $750,000 in the lottery when Meghan was nine years old. Which then gave her the opportunity to go to private schools. That's Super Manifestor gene. She probably learned from her dad how to be Super Manifestor. Mind you, they are probably not conscious Super Manifestors. Probably more unconscious Super Manifestors. This means they do all the right things without really knowing that they are doing it. The good news is we can all become Super Manifestors. Tat's why we are dissecting Meghan Markel as an example.

And then later in life believing in herself, not having limiting beliefs showed up again when she was an actress. Although she was not an A-list celebrity, many of her friends were. She believed so much in her self worth. She thought "I am enough to achieve anything that I want. I am enough to hang out with anybody that I want." 

For example, Serena Williams. They are close friends. And Serena Williams is an A-list celebrity. She is extremely successful. On top of her field. And for Megan Markel, knowing and thinking "You know what I am worth to have friends like that. I am enough. I am more than enough to hang out with A-listers." She was also friends with way more known actresses like Priyanka Chopra. Whom I think is not an A-lister but was more famous than Meghan was. She thought "I am enough. These are the kind of people that I deserve to be friends with. I deserve amazing friends. I deserve luxury. I deserve wealth." These are all underlying beliefs that she has. And that's why she is such a Super Manifestor.

And think about it. She manifested Prince Harry because she was friends with popular, well-connected people. Because one of them set up a blind date with Prince Harry. She was friends in these kinds of circles without herself being a superstar. And if you believe about yourself "I am amazing. I deserve to hang out with these amazing people." Of course you're gonna meet people that are more popular than you are.

2. High Vibration

She has a high vibration. That's the next important reason why she is a Super Manifestor. She has a very high vibration. She did not live out of fear or desperation or any other low vibe feelings like that. No, she is a high vibe babe. She's a high vibe queen. Because she comes from high vibe feelings such as self-love, confidence etc. And this high vibe energy, again attracted high vibe energies and opportunities back into her life. 

The next thing that she did is when she saw an opportunity, she went for it and got it. When she had the opportunity to get Prince Harry you know what she didn't do? What a lot of people would have done? "Oh my god it is Prince Harry. And I'm so excited. And and I want to be with him." That's not what she did. She did not obsess about it. She did not get desperate. Not clingy.  

No she relaxed into the situation. She let go. She didn't attach herself to the outcome. She maintained her high vibe energy. Stayed relaxed. And wasn´t desperate to be with him. And that's what attracted him to her. Because she was not one of the girls who desperately wanted to be with him. No, she stayed super relaxed, confident, living her own life. Having faith in the universe. Thinking if it's gonna be then it's gonna be. Having faith. Going with the flow. Tapping into the universal energy to make things happen for her. This was different than most women. Most women would have been clingy, too excited and desperate. But Meghan played it cool, rode her high vibe wave and that is what attracted him to her.

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