Manifest Whatever You Want Law of Attraction {like BEYONCE}


Today you will learn why Beyoncé is a Super Manifestor. Yes, she's not just queen bee she's also a manifesting queen, a super manifestor, and you will learn exactly why it is and how you can change to become a super manifesting too. 

1. Know What You Want

Number one is she knows exactly what she wants. And she always has since she was a child since she was a teen. She knew she wanted to become a big star in the music industry. When you watch old interviews with her when she was just 14 15 16 years old, she says she wants to become a music star. She wants to have her own producing company. She just wants to make it in the music industry. If you compare that with her band mates, in the same interview, they're talking about going to college, getting a business degree, and doing things like that. And none of them said, I want to become a big star. I want to have my own production company. I want to be this and that in the music industry. And I was like, oh, it's obvious what's going to happen? Well, who's gonna make it? What do you think? Is it gonna be the girls who do not know what they want? Or is it gonna be the girl who said, I know exactly what I want, I want to become a star. I want to make it in the music industry. I want to have a production company. That's already obvious, right? You know who's gonna make it? You know, it's gonna be Beyoncé, who really knows what she wants, and goes for it. Right? It's so obvious. 

2. Have Faith

She always had faith. So we know she's a very religious person, she believes in God. You may call the higher power God, the universe, source energy but it's so important to have faith. She is so in tune with her faith. Her bands name is Destiny's Child. You know how they came up with it. Her mother took the Bible and she opened an arbitrary page went through it and her finger pointed at destiny and that's how their name became Destiny's Child. They went to church every Sunday. So they're very in tune with a higher power. And, as I said, you may call it God, universe, higher power, source, energy, whatever it may be for you. You need to have faith. Because if you have faith, you will be guided.

3. Stay Open To Opportunities

You need to stay open to possibilities and opportunities and listen to the intuition that comes up. Beyoncé was open to the way how to get famous. You remember they used to call themselves Girls Tyme and they were on the show Star Search and they thought this is gonna be it, we gonna win this thing we will be famous, gonna get a music deal. What happened? They became number second and they definitely didn't get a deal out of that. And they were just back to the drawing board.

And they were devastated but they again put themselves together, they pulled themselves up, they went back to their faith, and they knew that the universe has a bigger plan for them, and that they need to stay open and flexible to how they gonna get there. So the universe knows best, right? The universe can dream way bigger than you can do. So you need to stay open to possibilities to different ways. And you need to be open to support from the universe. And you also need to take guided action. If you have faith if you stay connected to the universe, you will get new ideas and you'll need to take guided action. So what happened after they didn't win on Star Search? They said okay but we know what we want to have and we want to stay open to the way it's going to happen. And they started to apply for different music labels and it took a long while. They got rejected quite often, but in the end, they listened to their intuition, they took guided action, they knew they were on the right path. And sure enough, they found a record label which signed them. But then they got dropped, which was again "Oh, we waited so long to get a record deal. And now we get dropped."

But again, they stayed focused. They had faith, they, again took guided action, and stayed on the right path and they got a new deal with a different record label. And that's how they got their breakthrough. And this is why it's so important to realize that you have to stay on the path and listen to the universe. Listen to your intuition, stay connected and take guided action.

4. Be A High Vibe Babe

And another thing that Beyoncé always does is she is a high vibe babe. If you listen to her, even when she was young, she was so high vibe. She believes so much in herself. She doesn't have these limiting beliefs such as, Oh, I'm too young to make it in the music industry. I do not have the experience. No, she's like, I am enough. I can do this. I will do this. She has so much self confidence and she doesn't get distracted by limiting beliefs, as most of us do. Do you have believes such as you are not pretty enough. You're too young. You're too old to make your dreams happen. I bet you have some "I am not enough" issues and these are manifestation blocks so they will lower your vibration and if you live on this low vibration vibe and if you think I'm not smart enough, money is hard to earn, only the rich get richer the poor get poorer, whatever it may be for you. If you live on low vibrations you will not be able to attract what you desire. You need to be like Beyoncé you need to be on the high vibe wave you need to ditch your beliefs and just live on love, happiness, joy and believe in yourself. Believe in positive things.

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