Law Of Attraction Sleep Technique To Attract What You Want



Today I'm going to talk about how to use law of attraction while you sleep and attract an amazing life just while you sleep Doesn't that sound amazing? Before we get started make sure to hit the like button if you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel and click the bell button to get notified when new videos are up. So how on earth do you use the law of attraction while you sleep and attract an amazing life? So this is how I do it. This is how I use the law of attraction while I sleep. And how does it actually work right. While we sleep our subconscious mind is very open. It is the time of the day when the subconscious mind takes us open to receive and send out messages. And also the subconscious mind is the most important thing that communicates with the universe and helps you to attract what you desire. So what we want to do is we want to make sure that the subconscious mind gets implanted, all the amazing things that you want to have and make the subconscious mind really believe that you are what you want to have and that you deserve what you want to have. So the very first step and manifesting while you're sleep is raise your vibration before you go to bed because raising your vibration will ensure that you send out the right frequency to the universe that you send out the right messages. And the right vibration will carry out your message very far to the universe and to all the places that you needed to be hurt. So make sure to raise your vibration get into the vibration of which you want to attract. So if you want to Take more money and abundance into your life Make sure to get into the feeling of abundance get into the vibration of abundance. And you can do that by either doing something that will raise your vibration just before you go to bed for example, having that nice glass of wine or having a bubble bath, just anything that will raise your vibration that will get you into the vibration of abundance or if you do not have time to do something, then think about something that makes you feel rich and abundant. Maybe it was a time in your life where you felt abundant and recreate that feeling in the present moment to think about the situation and make sure that it creates heats the feeling of abundance within you in the present moment just before you go to bed, because this is so, so important, guys. Number two is tip number two is be grateful for the day. So think back to your day and think, to think about what was the best about your day, even if you had a crappy day. I have that too. There is still something that I can find that I'm grateful for. And when you think about what was the best part of my day, you suddenly realize that there were actually so many little things that were nice. Maybe you had a good meal that day a good lunch or you had a good laugh with your co worker or you had a good commute or you read a good book or there is You listen to your favorite song or you talk to a friend on the phone, there will be something even the worst crappiest days there will be something that you can be grateful for and find that something and tap into the energy of gratitude because this energy of gratitude will raise your vibration even more and we will want to be at a really, really high vibration. Won't he start to manifest when we want to send out the messages to the universe, but we want to attract so make sure to raise your vibration and make sure to find something that you're grateful for, for the date. Then step three is create the image of which you want to manifest in your mind. So for example, if you want to manifest abundant life with a lot of money, create That image. So think about your bank account. Think about what you how much money you wanted, see in your bank account, or think about the things that you want to do when you have that abundant lifestyle, so maybe you want to go on a vacation on a five star luxurious vacation or you want to buy a new car or you want to go shopping with your friends, whatever this abundance means for you, whatever the world means for you. Create that image in your mind and send it out into the universe. Remember not now that you have high vibration, you can think about what you want to manifest and send it out and really get the pictures into your subconscious mind which will empower you to receive See if what you want what you want to manifest. And really creating the image knowing what you want will be so, so powerful. And the next step is step number four is to create the feeling of abundance of what you want to attract. So, basically, you want to feel the emotions that you will feel once your manifestation is manifesting. So for example, you want to manifest more money in your bank account or you want to go on a vacation. Think about how it will make you feel going on a vacation. How does it gonna make you feel this is gonna make you feel excited does it make you want to feel happy, and to relax whatever it is feel the emotion of which you want to be? manifest and, or if you want to have a new car, how is it gonna feel if you sit in your new car, if you drive around in your car if you hold the keys in your hand or if you live in this beautiful apartment, how's that gonna make you feel? tap into that feeling, tap into that energy. Create that feeling in the present moment because this will enhance the feeling of of it and it will enhance it in your subconscious mind it will implant it into your subconscious mind, so much more powerful, and create the images and feelings for your subconscious mind. It's so important. And the good news is, ladies, it's so possible for you to create your dream life so possible for you to manifest your dream life. It was possible for me it's possible for my clients, you can overcome all the obstacles that you have and I want you to overcome them. I want you to have this amazing life that you've always dreamed about. And that's why I have created the rich squat Academy so that you can become this abundant being have this abundant, luxurious, wealthy lifestyle that you dream about. I want that for you. That's so go and check out my Academy The link is down below and find out more about it. I am excited that I can share this with you because I want you to have the life that you desire. So and the last tip the fifth tip is to let go. So after you have created the image Your mind the feeling in your mind and thought about it before you go to bed I want you to let go and detach from the outcome. So do not clinch to it do not get desperate. This is so important because getting desperate will just decrease your vibration. And we do not want to have that we want to have high white babes and you are a high white babe I know it. So do not get desperate about not having what you want or not having manifested yet just seen the good emotions No matter if you have manifested what you desire or not. Just let it go. Detach, be happy in the present moment. Be happy and grateful. where you're at in the car in your current situation. Remember, there's always Always, always, always something that you can find even in the suckiest moments. I know that I've been there. And I know that you can do too and feeling grateful and letting go of your desires will only help you to get to where you want to go. So, I hope you like this video you really practice all the tips that I have given you today. And if you like this video, give me a thumbs up if you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel and click on the bell button to get notified when new videos are bye for now. 

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