Law of Attraction In Science


In this video you will learn what science says about the law of attraction and how it really works. What is the scientific proof for the law of attraction? 

The Water Experiment

First there is the proof by Dr. Masaru Emoto. A Japanese researcher who did the famous water experiment. He took two glasses of water. For one glass he directed bad intentions like "I hate you". The other glass of water he directed beautiful intentions like "I love you". He discovered that the water with the negative intentions formed really ugly crystals. And the water with the positive intentions formed beautiful crystals. 

Now, our bodies contain 60% to 70% of water. If we talk to ourself in a negative way, then what will happen? Our body will form ugly crystals. But what do you want? Well, I want to have beautiful crystals in my body. And I guess you want that too. What I do with my clients is I make sure they stop negative self talk. Because that will diminish your manifesting power. But you want to supercharge your manifesting powers. That is why it is important to practice positive self-talk. This will raise your vibration. And will help to attract amazing things into your life. 

How you can practice is for example asking the universe:

  • what would it take for me to love myself more? 
  • What would it take for me to have an amazing day?
  • What would it take for me to love myself more
Thoughts Create Reality

Your thoughts create your reality Think about it. Everything that was created in the outside was once a thought. For example your smartphone or the internet. All was once a thought. Then created in out 3-D reality. If you have positive thoughts and you visualize your future, in a positive way, then that's what you're going to manifest in your future. That is why it is important to watch out what you visualize. Your thoughts will become your reality. 

Mirror Neurons

Proof number three is mirror neurons. People will mirror your behavior because we have these neurons that mirror behavior from others. If we show up being very positive, loving and fun then other peoples neurons will catch up. They will mirrored back to us love. You will experience way more people being loving, kind and fun to you. Of course, it doesn't work with everybody. You can't turn grumpy grandpa into anything. But you can definitely raise your vibration and raise the vibration of others. Because all there is, is an exchange of energy with others. If you send out positive, uplifting energy, that's what you're gonna attract back due to mirror neurons.

Selective Awareness

Proof number four is selective awareness. Look around you and tell me what you see in red. How much  red things do you notice? I bet you´ll even notice orange things and declare them as red just to have more success with finding red. 

If you start to focus on something, then you will see more of it. For one day intend to find positive things and see what happens. I bet you will interpret things or situations that will happen in a very different light. You will also attract more opportunities into your life. For example by chance your meet someone at a coffee shop. And this person is into marketing. And you want to have a new marketing job, then you suddenly can connect with that person. You say "Hey, what a chance. I'm very interested, let's exchange our LinkedIn profiles." Well, all happened because you set positive intentions for the day and were able to see opportunities. 

You may even take a guided action because suddenly you are aware of so many things. Your perception widens. You have a  different view on things. Thus, new answers will come to you. Opportunities will show up. New doors will open. You will make more money. You will find a new job. You will find the soulmate that you've been looking for. Magic will happen in your life and this is all science based. So go out there and do this exercise today. 

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