Law of Attraction How To Let Go


How to let go to make the law of attraction work. It's hard to let go right? You just wished your goals and your dreams would come true as fast as possible but you want to have them now. You want to have them yesterday, better than today. And it's is not happening. Why isn't it happening? And how can you let go of this feeling that it's just not happening? 

1. Stop Using The Word Wish

You need to stop using the word I wish. Stop thinking: "I wish I would already have the perfect soul mate." Or have the money. Or have the new great job. You name it. You know what you want better than I do. And you're just thinking to yourself, "Why? I really want to have it and I wish it had already happened. I wish in the past, I had done this or that. I wish I had taken this other job. Or I wish I had moved to this city. I wish I hadn't broke up with that guy. Or I wish I had broke up with that guy earlier."

That's actually my story. I was in an abusive relationship. And I had this thing, thinking "I wish I had broken up with him waaaay earlier and realized what was going on." And not letting myself used for such a long time. For a couple of years. And I was living in this "I wish, I wish, I wish" state. But that's not gonna get you what you want. That's not gonna help you to let go. If you either cling to the future or the past then what you want won't come. If you want to supercharge your manifesting powers you need to let go. 

Ask The Universe For Help

When I work with my clients, I tap into their energy field and help them to let go of all the past things that happened. Or the future things that haven't happened yet. And help them release energies that don´t serve them. But you should also work with the universe. So ask the universe:

  • What would it take for me to let go? 

You need to let go of these old energies. 

2. Stop Using The Word I Hope

Then the next thing is you need to let go of I hope. I wish and I hope are very similar. But you also need to let go of this. I hope this had happened. I hope this is going to happen. Because if you say I hope it's going to happen then you are always projecting what you want into the future. You're not living it in the present moment. But you need to live in the present moment. Also, if you say I hope this or that did not happen then it's just not gonna help you. It's not gonna help you to get to what you want. 

3. Stop Saying I Regret

And number three is you must stop to regret things that you did. I regretted being in this abusive relationship for such a long time. For staying there. For sticking around and honestly, it wasn't easy to leave. But it would have been way easier in the beginning to leave. And I had this big regret "Oh, I just regret for staying so long. Losing so much time. So many years of my life. Missing out other great options. Wasting many years of my life my prime years"

But if you stay in this regret mode, you will create low vibrational energy. But you want to be on high vibrational energy.

Because that's where the magic happens. When you are on high vibration you will attract high vibrational energy and good things into your life. And you need to distance yourself from regretting things that happened. Accepted, just accepted. You cannot change it. So just accept that it happened. Learn your lessons from it. Ask yourself what you need to learn.

Ask The Universe
  • What do I need to learn dear universe? 

This is incredibly important. What's the thing that you needed to learn? Because that's what's gonna get you further. That will help to give meaning to what happened. That will propel you into the future. That will attract your amazing desires. And things will fall into place. Magic will start to happen. 

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