Key To Living The Law Of Attraction



Today we're gonna talk about how the key to the law of attraction so before we get started make sure to give me a like if you're on YouTube Make sure to subscribe to my channel and click the bell button to get notified when new videos are up. Okay let's get started the key to living the law of attraction. My tip number one is heal your I am not enough. I was living the I am not enough story for so long. I thought I am not smart enough. I am not pretty enough. I am not strong enough. I'm I was I was living just this I am not enough to make a lot of money, have a good relationship and all these things which then led me to living in unfulfilled life. Being in a job that I didn't like, having friends that I loved but still having a life that I didn't really that didn't really fulfill me then and feeling empty like all the partying and everything was great. We had so much fun, but it just left me so empty and not feeling fulfilled and asking what's that all for what's, what's the reason of all behind it and then also ending up in a very abusive relationship that took a big toll on me on my mental, emotional and physical health. My Cinderella horror story, as I call it now, now I can laugh about it, but it was horrible. It was pure terror and pure horror and wishing Nobody has to go through it. But in fact, I know that so many other women struggle with that. That's why I talked about it. And all the reason behind it was me feeling, feeling not being enough feeling not worth enough not loving myself enough. And if you really want to live with the law of attraction, then you need to ditch this beliefs you need to heal these beliefs because as Oprah says, it don't manifest what we desire. We manifest what we believe about ourselves. And if you believe all these negative things about yourself that will get translated into your vibration and your vibration will attract that same kind of low and negative vibrations back to you and to create a horrible life as I did, and will be unfulfilled, unhappy and Everything will in your life will just derail, basically and things will not be the way that you want to have them. So, in order to make the law of attraction work, you need to heal your blocks. You need to get rid of these blocks. And you do that by working with the loving light energy with the universal energy you connect yourself to the loving energy and then use what would it take statements to heal yourself remove these blocks, and I tell you just one block is enough to completely completely make yourself make your life not the way that you want to make your life to be really horrible maybe or just not the way that you wanted just for you not to feeling fulfilled and happy. and joyful and that's your birthright and you need to work on that and think to yourself Do you have even if you have just born problem your life, that's a sign for you having a major block that will either it already got you into the shit hitting the fan will get you to the shit hitting the fan. And he means you really need to work on it you need to remove these blocks in order to have a fulfilled life, I work with a lot of women on the and I tap into their energy field I feel very their blocks are seated what blocks they have. And we work on the major major blocks to remove that and we get so amazing magical results that it makes my heart smile and my heart so happy and if you want you can do free call with me. Where we uncover what you want and what's holding you back? Yeah, let's go to the key number two is you stop using words like I wish I hope I need. All words like that will give you a low vibration and a low vibration as I said will only attract other low vibrational energy and you definitely don't want that. You want to have a high vibe, you want to have higher vibration and vibration of fun joy, happiness, love that will attract back to you the good things that you want. And not using words like Oh, I wish I had more money. I wish I had a better job. I wish I had this relationship I need more of these or that because that shows the universe that You are in a vibration of lack. And if you're in a vibration of lack, that's what's gonna show up for you more and more again, you will experience more lack of things and instead of abundance and love and joy and happiness, so you really don't want to use these words, lock them out from your vocabulary, get rid of them, make yourself feel abundant and love and joy in the present moment in the now so that you can attract the beautiful things in the future. And the my tip number three for the key to the law of attraction is you have a high vibration without having manifested what you desire. So if you want to have a better job if you want to have a relationship if you want to have more money if you want to live an abundant life, you should not live in. In the longing for it you need to feel good in the present moment for example, you need to feel abundant. Now, in order to attract more abundance into your life you if you feel abundant, your vibration will be high because the vibration of abundance is high and that will attract good and abundance and money in the future. So in you you cannot wait for the money the job the man to drive in your life before you start feeling good you need to you must feel good in the now in the present moment in order to manifest it in the present in the future will manifest what you desire in the future. If you feel the lead If you are on a low vibration and if you just don't feel good, you Oh, you really want to have this great relationship and you're and you're waiting for this guy to show up until you feel love And believe me, it won't show up girl that would happen for you. So you must need to feel the love the abundance now. And you can also do that by connecting to the light by using what would it take statements and increasing grazing your vibration to amazing high levels. So that's it for this video. If you liked it, give me a thumbs up if you're on YouTube, click on the subscribe button and the bell button to get notified when new videos are up. Bye for now.