How To Use The Secret While Sleeping



Hey, today I want to talk about how to use the secret while sleeping. Yes, how to use the law of attraction while you're asleep to manifest what you want while you're just asleep. I'm such a fan of that. Because isn't that so great? You sleep and you manifest you wake up and things just happen for you. It's so simple. It's so powerful and it will help you to manifest whatever you like. So say stay tuned until the end of this video. Before we get started, make sure to give me a like for the video if you like it. If you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel and click on the bell button to get notified when new videos are up. So how to use the secret the law of attraction while you're just sleeping. As I said, I'm such a big fan of that. I love simple and easy things that work really well. So why is it actually working while at work? while you sleep, before you go to sleep, you get into your brain gets into slower brainwave, which opened up the communication with the subconscious mind because the subconscious mind has way slower brainwaves, then when you're awake and when you're in that sleepy states between falling asleep going to bed and falling asleep you have access to your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind so powerful in manifesting it is the one thing that communicates with the universe, the source energy and that attracts actually what you have in your life. And you really want to access that subconscious mind and the best time to excesses is before you go to bed and after you wake up. So you want to do this practices that I've just gone to reveal to you before you go to sleep to access your subconscious mind, you gonna take a journal and write down what it is that you really truly desire. So do you want to manifest more money? Do you want to make more money in your job for example you want to raise you want to earn 30 k more a year or you have a business and you want to earn more money in your business? You want to at once so you're gonna get clear and write out script out what you truly want to have what you desire. You need to get crystal clear about that because only when you're clear about what you desire, what you want to manifest are able to manifest it because girl, how's the universe gonna deliver if it's not knowing what you want to do want, right? So simple as that. So firstly, right down what you want to have, take a nice little journal, have it next to your bed and do this in the evenings before you go to bed. You don't have to do that every evening. Of course, you can do it if you if it makes you feel good, you can do it every evening you can revisited read it. But if you're the kind of girl who tends to obsess about things as I that was just a big issue with me, I would obsess about goals and things for me it's way whereas write it out once and set it and forget it. So decide which type you are. Are you the one who gets excited about things when you reread them? Or are you the type of girl who obsesses easily about things then you want to set and set it and forget it. So and when you have written down what you Truly you want to manifest, you start to ask the universe. Great questions. So this is very key, this is the key to this practice so that it, you Variks while you sleep, so you know what you want. And now you, for example, you want to earn more money, then you're going to ask the universe, what would it take for me to earn 30 k more or 80 K a year or to have a six figure business, a seven figure business, whatever that number is for you. It can be small, maybe you just want to make $500 on a side or you want to have a seven figure business. It doesn't really matter. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, whatever your goal is, you ask the universe, what would it take for me to manifest More money to manifest $500 a month or to manifest a seven figure business. Also comment that down below whichever it is for you. What would it take for me to make $500? Or what would it take for me to have a seven figure business, send it out into the universe, write it down, commented down below it will give it so much more power. If you write it out. And in the evenings, I want you to write it out and repeat it 1020 times in your head. What would it take for me to manifest more money? What would it take for me to manifest X amount, whatever it is for you connect to the source energy, connect really feel the connection with the source energy with the universe and send that energy out because what will happen is You will be still connected to the universe while you sleep. So amazing. I love this and you will receive answers. These answers may come while you're asleep or maybe in the next days, but because you do it in the night before you go to bed you implant that idea that question in your subconscious mind and send it out into the universe. You will open up you will be open to receive different answers you will improve your intuition you will be open to receive messages from the universe intuitions, people will come into your life and your perspective on them will change you will be able to see the signs, see the synchronicities. See whatever you need to see And understand what action you need to take. Or maybe you do not even have to take action, maybe just things gonna happen in your life, you're gonna get a phone call from a friend of yours, who can help you with your business, and just help you with the one thing that you are stuck with. Or you will receive a call and a friend of yours tells you that there was a job opening if you're interested in it. And these amazing things did happen to my clients when they practice this sleep meditation technique. This simple sleep technique really, they had one of my clients had literally a friend of hers called her up and told her Hey, we have a job opening in my company. I think this is perfect for you. Why don't you want to apply for for it, and also give you a recommendation. And she applied and sure enough, she got that amazing job she got a pay raise of 30,000 k which is so amazing. So from 50,000 she went to 80,000 K. And it just within a couple of days after she did this little exercise isn't that amazing or I had an also another client who ran runs a business and she was able to break through her ceiling earning ceiling. She started to believe way more in herself. She God's guidance, intuition guided action, she knew exactly what she had to change in order to get to the next level and this is possible for you to if it's possible for all this amazing ladies then it's possible For you and I can make it happen for you. This is why I'm offering 30 session Yes, your manifestation is already working you get free stuff, a free session with me where we will find out what it what it is that you really truly desire and what's holding you back. So what's between you and your dreams? What are your manifestation blocks that keep away what you really want to manifest. And you get that all free with me. Go on my website schedule a free session with me. And we'll talk about just all about you. I'm so excited for you that you get this great opportunity. So if you like this video, give me a thumbs up if you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel and click the bell button to get notified when new videos are bye for now. 

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