How To Use The Law Of Attraction And Manifest Anything



Hey today I'm going to talk about how to manifest anything that you want using the law of attraction. I'm so excited to share this with you say stay tuned for the video and you will be able to manifest anything that you desire. Before we get started, make sure to give me a thumbs up if you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel, and click on the bell button to get notified when new videos are up. So how to manifest anything that you desire with the law of attraction. So you want to live a life full of wealth, abundance, money, luxury, all the good things the sweet life that we desire. So the number one thing that you need to do is you need to know what you really want to have. So take a pen and paper and script out what do you really want to have write it out, as if you already have the sweet life that you desire. So write down how much money you are per month, how much money you saved per month, what you're spending your money on how much you have on your bank account. How many trips Do you take, write it all out as if it has already happened and be really clear on what it is that you desire. Be clear on what it is that you want to manifest because only if you know what you want, will you be able to send out the right messages to the universe so that you will be able to attract what you want to have. And the good news is, everyone can have the sweet life. Everyone can attract more money, wealth abundance into their lives. I used to be quite broke. I have to say I was earning good money, but I still never had a lot of money. I was spending it wrong. I wasn't really attracting Good enough both. I wasn't living a luxurious, wealthy lifestyle. But when I started with the right manifestation techniques, my life changed. I started to earn money, more money, the things that I love, I started to be more fine, be financially independent, I started to have a luxurious lifestyle, and I was just able to attract all these abundance and wealth and financial freedom into my life. And he too can do it. Check out my website and check out my Academy, my manifesting squad Academy and you find out how you too can do so let's go to the next tip. Tip number two is be self confident. So the more self confident you are, the higher your vibration is because you love yourself more. You just know your worth. You are confident and from confidence comes power and you will be able to turn the power around into higher vibration and that way you will attract abundance into your life and focus on really self confidence focus on loving yourself. Falling in love with yourself, take yourself out on dates and do nice things for yourself because you deserve it and it will definitely pay out literally it will pay out for you. You will start to attract more abundance into your life you will start to attract more wealth into your life and finance Freedom. And it all starts with self love and self confidence. Tip number three is have faith in the universe because remember, you co create your world with the universe and the universe is there to help you out. The universe loves you so much. And it wants you to have everything that you desire because you are an abundant being. I mean, just look in the nature, how abundant the nature is, and how you are an abundant being yourself because you're part of the universe, the universe created you. And you need to have faith in the universe, even though sometimes things do not go the way that you want that you desire. Still have faith in it. Be sure to be grateful for what you have And have faith that everything that you want will work out. Just having faith in the universe will change things around for you. Next tip is be open to messages and signs from the universe. So if you want to reach something if you want to reach financial freedom if you want to attract more money if you want to earn more money, do not just stick to one path. Do not just think there's only one way to earn more money, which is maybe with your job, be open. Maybe the universe will send you a different message maybe you will receive the message is the sign that you can earn extra money on the side. Maybe you will receive an inheritance from somewhere Maybe you'll receive the intuition to play the lottery, or create art pieces and sell them. So stay open. Do not just stick to one old path that you have in your mind. But be open to the messages and opportunities and signs the universe sends your way and see what else is happening, what other opportunities come your way. And with that being said, the next step is take guided action. So it's not enough just to receive the intuition to create art pieces and sell them but you really have to create the art pieces you need to figure out how to do it or how to sell it. So the universe sends you messages and opportunities but it will You need to meet the universe halfway and start to take guided action on the inspiration that you receive. I hope that makes sense. And my next tip is come from a high y place. So, hi fi plays is having emotions of love, happiness, joy, abundance, if you are able to create these feelings within you, then believe me you will be able to manifest the sweet life because if you come from a high frequency place, if you come from a high vibration place, you will be able to attract and high why things into your life. If you have the vibration of abundance, you will attract more abundance into your life. So you do that by experiencing abundance. For example. In the present moment, so do anything that you need to do to feel abundant. It could be just going into the nature experiencing the abundance and the nature or doing other things that you like to do. For example, for me it was very nice perfume on a daily basis, not saving it up but just putting on nice perfume and feeling abundant or go and go and buy some blueberries or a nice bottle of champagne that you like to buy. I do not say break the bank but do little things that will make you feel abundant because if you're able to create the feeling of abundance in the present moment, this is so so powerful and it will change your reality. It will totally alter your reality and you will be able to attract more of the abundance that you create in the present moment that create the present feeling of abundance. So, I hope you'll like this video if yes, give me a thumbs up if you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel and click on the bell button to get notified when new videos are bye for now. 

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