How To SCRIPT Using The Law Of Attraction



Hey today we're gonna talk about how to use scripting to manifest anything that you desire to manifest more money abundance wealth into your life. I'm so excited that I got to share these tips with you. So before we get started, make sure to give me a thumbs up if you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel and click on the bell button to get notified when new videos are up. So tip number one is use the present tense when you scripting out what you desire. So, for example, if you want to manifest more money if you want to manifest financial freedom, a new car whatever it is, scripted out as if it's already happened scripted out in the present tense so write down your universe I'm so grateful for having X amount of money for earning X amount of money per month for having X amount of money in my bank account for being able to save up X amount month for being able to buy my new car to buy my new blue, BMW five or whatever it is that you want to manifest into your life so scripted out as if it's already happened in the present tense. This will be such a powerful technique. So tip number two is use emotions really feel the emotions while you're sculpting our This is a mistake that I used to do. So I worked script out things but I didn't put in any emotions into them and my manifestation would not happen. And by the when I discovered this step, it things really changed. So I started to put emotions into my scripting and relief Feeling what I want to have for example, if you want to have a nice car if you want to manifest a nice car, then really put down the feeling while you ride right out. Dear universe. I'm so grateful that I have my BMW five and I love to drive it. It makes me so happy. It's such an amazing car. I love to drive around in the city on the motorway. It's so much fun each time I go and sit into my car and have my leather seating. It's such an amazing feeling for me. So you see where I'm coming from and really try to put in so many emotions, as many emotions as you possibly can. Or if you take financial freedom. I'm so grateful that I have financial freedom. so grateful that I can take this luxurious vacations that I can go out on dinner that I have my budget for shopping for dinners for presidents, for vacation, for massages, for whatever it is really feel the abundance feel the joy, the love the happiness that you would feel if you already had manifested your desires into your life really put in the emotions and feel them deeply because that will also raise your vibration. Remember if you feel the feeling of abundance, you will attract more abundance into your life because you will send out the vibration of abundance and the universe won't be able to help but send you more abundance into your life because like attracts like And it's the attraction will be so strong and irresistible. So my tip number three is be grateful for what you have already manifested in your life. So, if you have manifested big things, little things into your life, whatever it is, make sure to be grateful for what you already have manifested into your life because remember, the universe sends you presence into your life. And wouldn't it be much nicer for the universe to see that you get excited that you are grateful and happy about what you have already manifested into a lot. Now I know sometimes things do not go the way we want. And that makes us doubts and sometimes fearful and unhappy because there are more More builds coming in or your current car just broke down or just things do not go your way. It's still important to be grateful for whatever you have. Maybe you have a roof over your head, had to have food on your table, whatever it is, try to create the feeling of gratitude within you is so important because only if you come from a place of gratitude Will you be able to manifest what you desire. Now, the good news is, you can manifest what you want, you can manifest an amazing, amazing life filled with luxury, fulfill the cars that you want to have financial freedom, having a job that you love making the money that you want, having savings in your bank account, having amazing friends Having an amazing love life, all of these things are possible for you, you can manifest them me and my clients are the best examples for that. You can manifest your dream life. If you want to find out more, come and join our rich squad Academy. The link is down below check it out and you will learn more about how to become rich, wealthy, abundant yourself and live the sweet, sweet life. And my next tip is script as often as you want. So some people like to script everyday that some people like to script once a month. Some people script like to serve once a year. Whatever it is for you. Just pick the amount the number that you want to scrape things out of lectures ripped out when there is a new moon. There's one once a month. And that's a little routine that I use, but whatever it is just do it the way you want it even if you just want to do it once, just make sure that you put that piece of paper away safely. And then a couple of years later, pull it up and see what amazing things you were able to manifest into your life. And also do not forget to have fun oil scripting. This goes hand in hand of feeling the emotions and just have fun with it. See it as a nice little practice that you do. That's my nice little manifestation routine that you do. From time to time or more regularly. Just remember to have fun doing it. Make sure to have high vibrational and Energy so that you will be able to attract great things into your life back. So I hope you liked this video give me a thumbs up if you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel and click on the bell button to get notified when new videos are bye for now. 

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