How to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION and Frequency


What is vibration all about?  We have low vibration and high vibration.

Low vibrational energy feels like fear, anxiety, jealousy, all these negative emotions will attract negative things into your life. 

And high vibration like joy, happiness, love will attract beautiful things into your life.

I was living a low vibrational life for years and years. I was in an abusive relationship, an emotionally abusive relationship for a very long time. And it was really bad. What got me into that situation was low vibrational energy. Like not believing in myself, not loving myself enough, thinking that I need someone who's strong and takes care of me. All these emotions about "not being enough". I was riding the low vibe wave real bad.

But fortunately I was able to get away from that relationship. And I guess everybody who has been in such an abusive relationship can relate to that and knows how hard it is and knows how hard it is to get away. All the emotional recovery you need to do. But you know, I am so grateful now that I had that experience. Now in hindsight because that was a kick in my butt to wake up and raise my vibration. To work on myself, connect to the universe, start practicing the law of attraction. Become a positive person and change my life.

So how did I do that? I discovered the law of attraction. I read a lot about it and educated myself so much about it that I became really a law of attraction expert and manifestation expert.

My number one trick to raise your vibration in an instant is to connect to the universe. Connect to the loving light energy. Surround yourself or see yourself in a loving light bulb of energy. Connect yourself to the center of the earth.

Then ask the universe what would it take for me to have more love in my life? What would it take for me to raise my vibration? Send it out into the universe and the universe will answer. It will give you the answers. Your Intuition will improve. Magic will happen in your life. Just believe me, I have worked with so many clients and I use my intuition to connect them to the loving source energy, uncover what is blocking their manifestation power and remove all the negative stuff that you don't want to have.

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