Hey do you want to manifest what you want using the law of attraction to have an amazing, amazing life, I will share simple secrets that you can implement so easily in your life and manifest just like that. So this is the right video for you if you want to have an amazing life manifest your dreams and desires in a breeze. Before we get started, make sure to give me a thumbs up for the video if you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel I click the bell icon to get notified when new videos are up. So how to attract your desires how to manifest your what you want in your life, easily and quickly as in a breeze. So the first step is having faith. You need to have faith in the universe, that your desires will manifest themselves because if you have Just a little bit of doubt, guess what's going to happen? You will send out the wrong vibration, the wrong energy in the universe. If you live in doubt, and you're not sure is this gonna work? Isn't this gonna work? Will I get a better new job? Will I receive the money? Will my business be successful or not? If you're sending out that wipe, you will not be able to manifest what you desire, you will only be able to manifest what you desire. If you have hundred percent faith that you can achieve it and receive it. Because if you have faith, then you your awareness will be very different to when you have doubt. You imagine if you're 100% certain about something then you will think differently, you will act differently your energy will be different, and you will be able to attract what you desire. So do this little experiment for one week. Live as though your dreams are inevitable, live as if you definitely for sure hundred percent will be able to manifest your desires have 100% faith in the universe and see what magic unfolds. Your awareness will be different. You will take different action because you'll get intuitions and you'll take guided intuition which will be very different from the actions he took us to take. Because if you're not sure of something, then you will not put the right energy into it. You will be just half assing your way through something But on the other hand, if you're 100% sure you will be laser focused on your goals. Your awareness will be so sharpened and open to the right things come into your life that you won't miss them because I bet you had already things coming into your life. But because you were not focused because you didn't have faith you just missed about things happened. People came into your life opportunities arose, but you weren't open to them. He did not realize what was really going on what the universe sent you your way. And that's so frustrating for the universe to it's sending you opportunities, it's sending you the right messages, but you're just not open to receive them because you do not have faith in them. So what you need to do is right legs have faith be hundred percent certain that your desires will manifest and be open to receive new messages, new perceptions, new perspectives and be focused and take focused action take inspired action and this will change your life. I do this practice with my clients all the time and I tell you, we get amazing, amazing results. They are able to manifest more money into their lives and new amazing job, pay raise. They start to found companies the start to make more money in your in their business. They receive love, abundance, and really all things that we all want to have that we desire and each and every one is different. So we all want to have abundance and luck. But for everyone, this looks a bit different. But everyone is able to manifest what they really truly desire. And I hope that you too will get that this is why I offer a free session for you. And go on my website, book a free session so we can figure out what you really truly desire. So you can get crystal clear on your desires and what's holding you back because only when you know what's holding you back, will you be able to manifest your desires. So this is for that we have, the first step was having faith. And the second tip is, thoughts become things. So imagine everything that was created was once thought, the mobile phone that you're watching this video on or the iPad that you're watching it on, or the car that you're driving the clothes that you're wearing, everything was once a thought in someone's head. Makes sense, right? Because we need to first think something in order to make it our reality, to materialize it into into the 3d reality. Because only if we think of think of something, can we materialize it in our realities who everything that was created, even in your life was once a thought, even if you're not aware of it. It was subconscious thoughts subconscious belief. If you're in a crappy job, you have the belief that you do not deserve a better job or you do not have the right qualifications. You are too young, you're too old, you are not smart enough. So these things, these thoughts that you have created your situation created, that you're in a job that you do not enjoy that you do not make the money that you really truly desire. Because only when you're able to overcome these thoughts, will you be able to manifest what you want if you're in a business and it's just not craving the way you want? Then I tell you put the thoughts that you have created this. Being stuck at where you are and not moving forward. You may think, Oh, I need to know a secret or something. It's not working for me. It's too hard. My earning money is so hard. There's something in your thoughts that created this room. reality, and it is so dangerous not to know what these thoughts are. Because if you're not aware of them, you cannot work on them. Right? So this is a tip number three, be aware of the life that you created and why you created so if you have created these things in your life that you do not really like, get aware of them. Yes, I know you're already complaining, Oh, I hate this job. Oh, my business is not going the way I want Oh, I cannot manifest the love that I really truly desire. Well, you have manifested that caregiver of that and get aware how you manifested that so what is it exactly that you thought that you believed your limiting beliefs that lead to this life? It is so important to Get clear about what is holding you back and also compare, write down. What is the life that you really truly desire? Is it having a better job having a better business having more love having more abundance, fun, joy, happiness, whatever it is, write it down. And then think about what is holding you back from having this amazing this amazing life that you desire. What thoughts are holding you back? What beliefs are holding you back? What limiting beliefs do you have about yourself? Think about it really hard, and try to figure it out. And then next write down. What do you focus on? All day long. So do you focus on abundance, joy, happiness, or do you focus on leg are things that you do not have to you focus on that all day long so that guess what's, what's gonna happen? You want to attract more legs into your life instead of more abundance? Do you focus on gratitude? Or do you focus on fear? what it is that you choose? Every day, every single moment. This is so important if you choose fear, desperation, jealousy, all the negative feelings that will only attract more of unhappiness, fear, jealousy, desperation, self think about really what you focus on. You need to focus on positive emotions because positive emotions create positive outcomes, they attract positive energy back into our life because we are all created out of energy. Everything is actually energy because we're all made of atoms and Atoms are actually energy. So, if you have positive edge net positive attitude, if you have positive emotions, you will send out this positive energy into the world and you will be able to attract back this positive energy because, like attracts like and positive wipes will attract positive wipes back so simple as that. It's not rocket science. It's so simple. So let me wrap up the steps that you need to do you need to have faith. You need to know that thoughts create things, and you need to be aware of what you think and what you have created in your life and how so I hope you like this video if yes, give me a thumbs up if you're watching on YouTube. Subscribe to my channel and click on the bell button to get notified when new videos are a bye for now.