How To Manifest Money Using Water



Hey, in this video you will learn how to turn water into money. Yes, you heard right, how to turn water, just this cup of water into money into the green good stuff. So, before we get started, make sure to give me a thumbs up for the video. If you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel. So how do you turn water into money? This is the most asked question. And it is an amazing method that I want to share with you just in a moment. And I'm so happy to share it with you, really. So how did this all started this turning water into money? How does that work? You want to do that right now? We want to get started right now with it. So let's go back a bit in time. There was a Japanese researcher called Dr. emoto, who was watching research and he did different interviews Ants with water. And one experiment was see seeing blessings to cup of water or seeing bad things to a cup of four to a different cup of water. So he had two cups of water were one they would say blessings like I love you so much. You're amazing. And to the other one they would say, I hate you. You're ugly. Just bad things like that. Yes. And when they put the water under the microscope, it's amazing what they discovered. It's so amazing, unreal, girls. Really? It the water crystals under the microscope for totally different crystals, the one that was talked to in a bad and ugly, hateful way for a really ugly Christmas. And the one that was top two with blessings and good intentions from this beautiful gorgeous crystals. Can you imagine just the intention that you set out to the water had totally different results to so different results. And guess what? Your body is made out of about 70% out of water. Yes 70%. So, if you talk to yourself, or if you before you drink water, if you talk to the water in a loving way, if you bless that water, what's going to happen? You have beautiful crystals formed in your body you have this beautiful intentions in your body just infused in your into your body by good intention. And by drinking water, but here's the risk. If you have thoughts of, I hate my life. This is so bad. I hate my job. I'm so lonely. My business is not working. If you have thoughts like that all day long, guess what's gonna happen? You have bad intentions, you set out bad intentions, to the water to the food to everything that you put into your body. And if you put these bad intentions, you have them in your mind and then on top you influence what you drink. Or even maybe what you eat with these bad thoughts and bad emotions. You get that into your body even more ingrained, and this will lead to better, better results. You will know why you're in a situation that You do not really enjoy. Well, you have been having these bad thoughts all day long and then you on top of that infuses your water with that and got it back into your system on top as water. And that's the results that you got. Right? So what you want to do is you want to have good intentions, you want to talk with good intentions to your water to your food. And that will change the thing that you put into your body it will even change your subconscious mind. Your thinking everything in your reality will change. I tell you I had amazing results with my clients who practice that who practice conscious thought change because when you change your thoughts, you're who were bracing changes you will be on hi vibe energy. And if you're in a higher vibe energy, you will attract amazing things into your life. I had one client who was making 50 K a year and she was not already happy with where she was financially. And we tweaked around and changed her beliefs and change what you would put out into the world and the water that you would drink. And her life started to change. She got a new job earning 80 K a year. Yes 30,000 k increase that isn't that amazing? And, or I had another client who was very lonely. She had been single for seven years and was looking for love. But she just added actually gave up on love because it didn't happen for her for So, so long. And We started to change it and we started to change her thoughts and worked on on her and she got an amazing boyfriend within just a month. There's one month Can you believe that after being single for six, seven years. So our another client of mine who was runs a business and she got stuck at around earning just about six figures just about 100,000 a year and she wanted to break the ceiling but she couldn't do it and we broke it down for her. She was able to double her revenue one year later, and also double her profits within just one year. Isn't that amazing? And you can have it there too. Even you can turn money in Water by having positive thoughts by sending out the right vibration the right vibrational match to what you want to manifest. And what are going to do for you is, I want to give you a free session with me. Yes, totally free session where you will discover what you really want, and what's holding you back. So go on my website and schedule a free session with me, no strings attached. This is a little gift that I have for you. Just because I want to show you that you can, too. You too can raise your vibration is so many of my clients that you can manifest the life that you always always wanted to have a life that you desire. And if my clients can do it, if I could do it, you can do it and there will be nothing holding You back. So I hope you like this video if yes, give me a thumbs up. 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