How To Manifest Money Using The Law Of Attraction (like TAYLOR SWIFT)


Do you want to know why Taylor Swift is a Super Manifestor? How she manifested so much success into her life? And how you can do it too? Then this is the right place for you. It boils down to two main things, which is belief and high vibration.

Believe, Confidence & High Vibration 

Taylor Swift believes so much in herself. And she even did that when she was a young. She was a teenager designing all these amazing stages. All these amazing concerts when she was just 16 17 years old. Having all these ideas. Knowing what she wants. Believing in herself. Being super decisive. And just knowing that success is her birth right. That abundance is her birth right. She wrote the songs.

She knew exactly what she wanted. She had a vision. She knew that she wanted to make her dreams happen. And that she had the power to make it happen. She believed so much in herself. Which then led to her having a high vibration. She never doubted herself. She knew exactly what she wanted. And she was fearless about it. She even had an album called "fearless". Because that's what she is. She's fearless. She's decisive. She has such a high vibration. Do you think that Taylor Swift wakes up in the mornings thinking: "Oh, I don't know what I should do. Should I do this? Or should I do that?" No, she has a high vibration. She comes from a place of self confidence of love, happiness and joy. 

Now you might say "of course she has an amazing life. She's super rich, super successful, and she can do whatever she wants." Yes. Now she has all of that. But do you think it was like that when she was younger. When she just started out? No, of course not. You know what she did? She drove around with her mom in a car. Going from appointment to appointment. From concert to concert. And things were not really good or nice for her. She didn't have an amazing tour bus and huge staff. 

Do you think the music industry is nice and so easy to succeed in? Well, I got news for you. It's one of the hardest industries to be in. Your boss may be bad. But believe me, he is way nicer than anybody in the music industry. And do you think she got paid much? No, of course not. She barely earned anything. And she did things that she maybe didn't want to do. Things were not nice and comfy. But the important thing is, she kept her faith up. she kept her belief up. She kept her confidence up. Her vibration up. She came from a place of high vibration. Of confidence, happiness, love, joy. And that's why she was able to manifest this amazing life. She was able to get from being a nobody to this amazing career.

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