How to Manifest a Lover


Hello, everyone. So are you struggling with not finding the love that you want to have not manifesting the life that you want to have? Then stay tuned, I will uncover your blocks with you in this video. So you too can manifest the love that you want to have. So what are blocks very short the blocks are seated in your energy field and keep away what you want to manifest. And now let's start with a little exercise to uncover your blocks to experience what your blocks are. Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Now, think about what do you believe about love? What do you really believe about love? Do you believe that:

  • love is hard to get?
  • love is is ending and pain?
  • love is not for you?
  • are you jealous of other couples when you see them?
  • is it hard for you to pursue love?

Wherever negative beliefs do come up when you close your eyes and think about love. On the other hand, jeez, think positive things about love such as I love myself loves easy for me. Love is happening to me. Well, my guess then is that you already have loving relationship. But on the other hand, if you don't have the loving relationship that you always have wished for, then for sure you have a block and you need to remove this block.

So where do blocks come from?

They come from our childhood. When we are young. We are open to To experience our surroundings without making conscious decisions about them, if you experience bad things like the marriage of your parents doesn't work out very well, or you have heartbreak, when you're very young, then you start to have negative beliefs about love. And I assure you from working with over 3000 clients, if you have a problem, if you don't get what you want, then you definitely have at least one block. Most of us not just have one blog, but even several blogs, and the blogs with cross purposes. When I work with my clients, I use my unique ability to tap into their energy field and remove their blocks so that they can have the life they want, so that they stopped sabotaging their lives, having the blocks regain their lives. And instead really turn around their lives and live the dream that they have.

For example, one client of mine, Christine was in a relationship with a guy that didn't didn't work out with shortly after she broke up with him and found another guy that was still before working with me. And that relationship didn't work out very well to. After that she came to me and we work together, she discovered some really truly shocking things of ourselves. And her life started to turn around completely afterward together. We discovered that her dad had left her when she was young, and that's the reason why she didn't have loving male energy in her field. And that's what she attracted to men she attracted men with not balanced energies will not panel balance, male energies and it never Worked out just never felt safe and secure with them. And after we worked with her and with her energy, she was able to heal that in her energy field, she was able to raise her vibration and was able to attract a truly loving man with good male energy and is now in a loving, secure, supportive relationship. If you liked this video, then give me a thumbs up. Make sure to subscribe to my channel. Also click the bell button so you get a notification when a new video is up. Bye for now.