How To MAKE MONEY FAST in 2020 {Law of Attraction}



Hey do you want to manifest money super super fast then this video is right for you. If you want to supercharge your manifesting powers, and attract money and more abundance into your life then stay tuned you will learn the amazing secrets. I'm so excited to do this video and share these secrets with you to manifest more money and abundance into your life in an instant. I'm so happy to do this. So before we get started, make sure to give me a thumbs up for the video. If you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel and click the bell button to get notified when new videos are up. So how to manifest money super, super fast. You get the steps now and number. Step number one is count What do you receive in your life. It's so important to count what You already manifest and the money that you receive in your life. This can be actual money that you receive from your paycheck or anywhere else. But also and this is so important, all the free stuff that you receive, gifts that he receive, or anything else that you attract into your life. And also discounts. Be aware of discounts that you get, do you go shopping and you get a discount or you have a coupon and you get a discount This is all money to the this is all money that you receive. This is all abundance that you receive. And it's so important to count that all in because guess what, if you're aware of what you receive, if you're grateful of what you receive, the universe will send you more of the good stuff because the universe appreciates when you're grateful when you're aware of the good stuff that you receive when you're happy about it. So when you receive a coupon, a free coupon or a discount, be happy about it show gratitude to the universe show that it makes you happy, because that will raise your vibration and you will receive more things into your life that you are trying to manifest right now. Isn't that amazing? And step number two is I love the steps so much it helped me so so much and I guess it will help you so much to it is see it is to upgrade your life. Yes, you heard right. What is upgrading your life? It is taking an area of your life that makes you feel poor. That makes You feel really earn abundant and upgraded so you will feel abundance in that area. For example for me it was I wouldn't buy any blueberries because they I thought they were kind of expensive. I really like them but I would skip it. I would buy bananas or apples or other fruits but I used to not buy blueberries, but then I changed it because that was something that made me feel really unbonded It made me feel poor, having to skip something that are extreme really wanted to have but I never bought it. If you know what I mean? I don't know what it's for you. Maybe it's a nice chocolate bar that you never buy or you never take a bubble bath and with a glass of champagne or wine whatever that may be for you, but it's so important to upgrade your life. Do what makes you feel abundant and eliminate the feeling of being poor of your life. Because this will raise your vibration you will radiate abundance into the universe and then we will attract more abundance into your life. So really pick an area that makes you feel abundant. I know there is at least one and start with the one that is making you feel the most abundant or that is the most easiest for you to change. Maybe it's really also just buying a nice piece of fruit that you like once in a while or a nice piece of chocolate once in a while. He do not have to break the bank, you do not have to go on a splurge and spend all the money that you have. We don't want to do that we want to be conscious of the money that you have. But we also want to have a little bit of fun, raise our vibration, make us feel abundant. And she'll have the universe there to be our abundant and then more abundance will flow into your life so much easier. And this is a practice that I do with my clients all the time and they love it they receive amazing results with this little tweak in your life. If you want to know more about what methods I do with my clients, I hop on a free call with you see, this is another free thing that you receive a free call a free session with me and you will find out what you really deserve. You'll get crystal clear on what you want. And what's holding you back. So hop on a free call, go to my website and schedule a free session with me. So the next tip is go on a treasure hunt. That is all the money that you have lying around somewhere that you do not take care of, or the coupons that you may have in your cupboard and you're not using them. Go and find all of this and be aware of them, take care of them, and really show the universe that you're able to handle the money, the free stuff, the things that you receive in your new life. Maybe you have two three bank accounts and you have a couple of bucks there and a couple of bucks on this other account and it's just like All around and you're not really taking care of it, then go and take care of it. Show the universe that you are able to handle the money that you want to manifest because once you do to take care of that this is such a big sign for the universe that you are aware of that you're responsible and if you show that to the universe, it will send you more of the good green stuff. Maybe you have all these coupons laying around and you never really take and use them. Go sit down, take care of them. And it amazing results will show up and also start to come out that again. Well you have a coupon or while he had a bank account that you forgot about and you have a few bucks laying around there. We use this the money for your next holiday and in a You will manifest so much more money it's an instant really you will manifest more money because you show the universe you're responsible for the good stuff that you receive and you will receive even more of it. So I hope you like this video if yes, give me a thumbs up. If you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel and click the bell button to get notified when new videos are up. Bye for now.