How To Do Alternate Day Intermittent Fasting



I have lost those 10 pounds within four weeks without gaining that back without having yo yo effect and I will tell you how you too can lose weight with alternate day fasting in specially faster and better than you ever thought it's better than any diet is better than any exercise that I've ever ever tried before and today I want to share how to use the How To Use Alternate day fasting to lose weight. Before we get started, make sure to give me a like for this video, subscribe to my channel and click on the bell button. I'm also a money manifestation coach. So if you want to not only lose weight but also manifest more money into your life, then schedule a free session with me the link is down below schedule a free session and we will see how you can become rich by the end of the year. So without further Do let's get started, how to alternate day fasting to lose the weights that are overdue to lose right so I had gained 20 pounds and I'm still in the I'm still fasting so I have 10 more pounds to go but I've, as I say, I've already lost 10 pounds within four weeks and I just love it. I can eat whatever I want on my eating days and then on my fasting days, I just first of all still have pizza and pasta and chocolate and everything that I want on my on my eating days and that's what why I love alternate day fasting you have the amazing results, literally overnight results without having to constrict yourself on your eating days. But you can Still have like all the yummy yummy food that you want to have and lose weight. So how I do alternative fasting is two days I just eat regular whatever I want the truly This means I eat chocolate every day but just not on my fasting days. I eat pizza and burger and pasta and cheese and everything you name it and then one day fast and then I have regular eating for another two days then I fast for one day and then I eat regular for another two days and so on. And so on the fast the fasting days starts actually. For example yesterday at 8pm or the second day at 8pm you had your dinner, then you do not eat anything for the evening then you fast for whole 24 was the whole day you do not eat anything that has calories. You can have some drinks which I will dive deep in a bit. And then the next morning after the day you wake up you have breakfast and then again eat for two days. And then for the evening you have your dinner and then whole day you don't eat anything, you go to bed, you wake up and have breakfast and then eat for two days. So this is how I do the alternate day fasting and I have found that it's about at least it's about 36 to 40 hours that I felt and I have found that this is the most effective way for me to lose weight. I have tried inter mitten fasting and I have tried just to eat not to eat for 16 hours window or 24 hours window. But that doesn't work. Well for me I still I do not lose weight easily by doing that by but by doing this random that I just showed you the two day eating one full day fasting, I literally in this one day, from that evening to the morning, the one day of not eating anything, I literally always, always, always lose half an inch on my waist or about one centimeters feel watching if you know centimeters, so half an inch which is about one centimeter I lose the just one day of fasting and in this two days where I eat. I mean I do eat healthy, I eat my greens and everything but I do eat burgers and pizzas. I mean I do not have a huge, huge. I don't have three burgers a day and I do not have every single day burger, right. It's just Some sensible things you just eat healthy, you sometimes have something unhealthy is fast, whatever and I do not gain weight on these two days and I lose weight on the third day. So all in all, I literally always lose the weight that I want to lose and it's so motivating and I just love it. So yeah, this is the rhythm that I do with the two days of eating one day of fasting and why I do Don't do like some people do one day eating one day fasting one day eating one day fasting. I'm not a big fan of that because I've done my research and by doing that quick risk to slow down your metabolism, which then can result in a yo yo effect and I do not want to have a yo yo effect on I didn't have a yo yo effect. Now because I have A little fasting break I wanted to test it if I gonna gain weight if I stopped fasting if I gonna gain weight again, but I haven't. So the last couple of weeks, I haven't done any fasting I've been eating just the way I want. And I didn't gain any weight. So there is no yo yo effect by doing this method, at least not on my body. But that's the reason why you shouldn't fast too often. Because you do not want to slow down your metabolism. And yeah, during the fasting days, I have coffee black coffee, no creamer, no almond milk, no milk, nothing just black coffee. I have green tea usually or other tea with stevia. So stevia is fine because it doesn't cause any insulin spike. I have apple cider vinegar. I have salt, a little bit of salt, which helps the body to keep the minerals I have and Diet Coke is fine, because as part of the sweetener in Diet Coke doesn't have an effect on on the insulin level that doesn't spike your insulin. That's why Diet Coke is fine if you have to have it sometimes I just want to have something but usually I stick to green tea stevia is my favorite and sometimes have an espresso because it's black. I prefer like an espresso over a bigger cup of coffee but that's totally up to you. You can do that. You can also have coffee with stevia if you like it, I don't like it. That's why I rather prefer it's to be black and also put like coffee and green tea will help you with your weight loss with the fat burning and with your hunger so you can just drink it the way you want. And also I have water, right. Let's stay healthy and have some some water. And then yeah, so and how do I break my fast so the two I have. So you have I've eaten two days, then I have the fasting day and then I wake up the next morning and then it's time to eat something to break your fast right to have breakfast. And here's the thing. Your body is now very sensitive, and it will absorb anything that you give your body and what's important is to avoid any fat in your, in your breakfast or in your break fast, which thanks for breakfast is a break fast, right? That's the word for it to avoid any fats, so no avocado or anything like that in while you break your fast later in the day you can have anything but when you break your fast you want to have lynnie protein, super lean proteins and some carbohydrates that will spike your insulin. So I go for either lean shaking so chicken breast or lean before anything. I know it's in the morning and you might not feel like it. But it's super important because you want to your body's gonna absorb what it gets. And when you give your body fat now it's just gonna absorb fat back into your body and you've just broken fat. So you do not want to do that you want to give your body proteins very lean proteins. Or if you want to go vegan, go and have a pee, pee, protein shake, but without any diary without any not more work just with plain water. So those are basically the options you can have chicken or beef with the rice cake, like I'll have like two or three rice cakes or I'll have the protein shake but just with the water and nothing else. Then I wait one or two hours and then we are here. Now remember, the breakfast the break fast. Then after having the lean proteins and bit of carbohydrates and then after one or two hours, I start to eat Everything that I want, like really anything, I'll have egg I have avocado, I have breads, salads, and everything you might think, Isn't it better to break your fast with the salad or something, but now really go for the proteins because your body needs it and it's gonna absorb it. So be really careful with that. And yeah, this is how I each and every single time I literally lose one centimeter half an inch on my waist and I just love it. I've never had a dieting program before that literally works like clockwork. And I can count it I can count on it, especially if I have to lose weight fast. For example, if something is coming up like an event and I need to fit To a dress and I need to lose an inch on my waist. I know I can do it within like two days of fasting but right So, two days of fasting is about one week for me, but the rest of the day I can eat anything. Or if I have been to a big wind wedding and I had cake or diversity or whatever, I can keep my weight. I can lose weight if I want. It works like clockwork. And yeah, I it's just amazing. But be sure to make sure that you talk to your doctor before you start fasting. If it's okay with your body, if it's okay with your metabolism. I am healthy. My doctor said it's totally fine for me to fast there is no issues, but he might have any issues. So really talk to your doctor. Maybe there Something that you need to watch out for. So be cautious with not damaging your body rights always talk to your doctor before you start any extreme regimens like fasting like prolonged fasting. So I hope you liked this video, give me a like, subscribe to my channel and click on the bell button to get notified when new videos are bye for now.

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