How To Deal With DIFFICULT & TOXIC people {Law Of Attraction}



Hi, in this video you will learn how to deal with difficult and toxic people if you want to get rid of difficult and toxic people out of your life if you have to deal with them, if you really want to get them out and don't let them influence your life in a bad way, then this is the right video for you. Before we get started, make sure to give me a like for the video if you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel and click the bell button to get notified when new videos are up. So what to do when you have toxic and difficult negative people in your life who are weighing you down. So the first tip is you need to distance yourself from them. So you need to stop talking to them if that is possible. If it's a co worker, then you have to have Minimal interactions with them. Just talk the bare minimum. And do not try to do small talk or whatever, really keep your distance. Try not to talk to them. Try not to go to lunch with them, and only keep your interaction to the bare minimum. If it's a family member, then try to distance yourself from them. If it's a cousin, an aunt or whatever, you I understand you still have to see them once in a while. But ask yourself, do you have to see them every week or every day? Is there a way that you can keep your distance? Can you go to family gatherings less often? Or if you're there, can you just talk less to them? If it's a friend? Well, it may be time to ditch that friend actually, if it's what I call them an enemy empire that takes away energy from you that weighs you down. Maybe you can just end the relationship, the friend, stop being friends with them. If it's a click and you cannot really stop being friends with them, you can still not do things with that person, one on one, or stop calling them too often just keep your distance and try to get away from them as much as it is possible. Tip number two is do not talk about your dreams, desires or anything that you want to manifest into your life. Because this person is toxic, negative is weighing you down. You do not want to tell them about your precious dreams and desires. What you want to manifest you want to keep that to yourself or share it with others. positive people who support you, and you don't want to talk with people who are negative and will are, are jealous of you maybe and will stop you from manifesting what you really desire. So, especially do not take any advice from them. Why would you want to take advice from negative people? Either it's gonna be a negative bitwise OR they're gonna be jealous and will tell you something negative on purpose to prevent you from having an amazing life. If you get advice from someone, ask yourself is that person where I want to be? Is that person hundred percent happy? Is that person hundred percent successful? Do they have a lot of money are they at a place that you desire to be? Then only then go get advice from that person. Otherwise, just keep them out of your life. Do never tell them about your dreams or desires. Never get any advice from people like that. And ask yourself, who are you living your life for? Is it for yourself? Or is it for other people? Of course, you do not want to live your life for other people. Maybe you do things that you actually do not really desire that you do not really want to do, just to satisfy the expectation of other people. And if it's someone negative, someone toxic, this is even worse. Cause if you try to even unconsciously try to meet their expectations, guess what's going to happen? You will be on a low vibration and your life will Take a total dear teacher, you need to get rid of these negative influences by minimizing your contact by not talking to them as much before. If it's your spouse, I understand it's way harder to get away. But even there, you can stop listening to them stop asking them for advice. This is so important. Ladies, just focus on the positive things because we're we focus on our energy flows and you need to focus on your manifestations on being positive. This is a practice that I do with my clients all the time I teach them how to get rid of this negative people in their lives, how to distance their themselves, what they possibly can say in situations and once they get away from this talk. toxic energy that weighs them down. They become super manifest as they supercharge their manifesting powers. They manifest better friends, more money and abundant life. Amazing love partners, a better job success in their business. Whatever they really imagined in their lives, they're able to manifest it and you too can do that you are able to manifest an amazing life and manifest your desires. If you want to know more, you can hop on a free call with me. It's totally for free and you will learn what you really desire and what's holding you back currently. And go to my website and schedule a free session with me. And let's chat about your desires, your dreams and how you too can achieve them as soon Many of my clients have already done so I hope you like this video if yes, give me a thumbs up if you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel and click the bell button to get notified when new videos are bye for now.