How To Act As If



Hello everyone. Today I'm going to talk about how to act as if before we get started, make sure to subscribe to my channel if you're watching on YouTube and click the bell button to get notified when new videos are up. So let's get started. How do you act as if your manifestation has already happened? The whole goal of this is to raise your vibration, raise you in the same vibration of what you want to manifest. And the first step is you need to find out what is actually blocking what you want to manifest. What is the manifestation block in you because if you don't figure that out, you will not be able to manifest what you want. So what are blocks blocks are manifestation blocks are beliefs that we have that we believe about ourselves, about their environment, about the world how things work that blog, what we want to have me For example, I had a blog. That I thought, I'm not enough. I'm not smart enough. I'm not pretty enough. I can't make it on my own. I need a man to rescue me. I need the Cinderella story. I need the prince charming and then everything will fall into place and things will be good. I'll have love, I'll have enough money, I'll have enough self confidence and I outsource that thing to someone else. And that went so, so wrong. It was really a Cinderella horror story. And, yeah, I was stuck in a job that I didn't like I dated men that didn't work out with them. Finally, with one guy it worked out and he turned out to be abusive man and I was stuck in this abusive relationship, not believing in myself, not having the courage to get out of it, staying there for a couple of years and Just not moving into the right direction, not manifesting what I really, really desired because as Oprah says, we do not manifest what we want. We manifest what we believe about ourselves. Because what we believe about ourselves gets translated in our vibrational field and that attracts what we want to what we then really manifest and not what we really want to manifest if that makes sense. The very first thing that I do with my clients is I discover their manifestation blocks. This is so huge, I cannot emphasize this. Enough, even if you have just one block, it's totally enough to derail your life and girl, you don't want that right. You want to have a beautiful life. You want to have an abundant life. You want to have money flowing and love flowing in everything good coming into your life and not being so Stuck where you really, really do not want to be. So as I said, step number one is you need to discover your manifestation blocks. And then of course, remove them once you've done them, and while you're doing them step number step number two is trusting the university you need to trust the universe that if you work on yourself, if you remove your manifestation blocks, the thing that you want, will come into your life, you will experience more that you will experience more abundance more love more joy, and you need to really trust the universe. You cannot bitch about what's going on in your life because if you keep doing that, nothing will fall into place. Everything will get worse actually. And trusting the universe is so so important because the universe loves you so much and wants you to do well. You just need to put up work from your side as well and meet the universe at the right vibration, then everything that you desire will come become true will become your reality. And my tip number three is do something good for yourself feel good in the present moment that will make even trusting the universe so much easier. You need to go out with your girls or stay at home read a nice book. Take a nice bath, everything that you really enjoy, go and buy a nice chocolate bar for yourself or some nice food, some nice fruit, go out to the cinema, anything and everything that makes you feel good. Going into the nature is a big one for me. I love being in the nature, but I also love going out with my girls or Just shopping, I don't have to buy something huge. It's just having a good time hanging around. And yeah, just really enjoying myself doing things that are like painting for example, or whatever comes to your mind, do you know that better than I that I do. So you just need to take those actions you just need to work on it to feel good in the present moment because that will make you feel good and make will make it way easier to trust the universe to raise your vibration and to manifest better things into your life. And my fourth tip is, be patient. Be patient, and as I said, trust the universe. But then also, patience is so so key because if you're not patient, you get back to Oh, dump that now for a week and things are not happening for me, this is not working out. It, this is stupid. No, you have to be patient, you need to really let go. trust the process, trust the universe and do that for some time, not just for three days and then go back to your old self, then it will work. It's like going to the gym, you should go to the gym twice, nothing much will happen, right? So you need to practice that. If you have been living in a bad loop for a few years, and then you're like, Okay, I'm going to try that for three days. It won't. It won't work, really small things will or might happen. Yeah, but you need to keep raising your vibration, working on removing your blocks, believing in the universe, being patient and trusting that what you want, will find you that it will come to you. So I hope If you like this video, give me a thumbs up if you are in YouTube. Subscribe to my channel I click the bell button to get notified when new videos are up. Bye for now.