How does the LAW OF ATTRACTION work? The Secret!


Do you want to know how the law of attraction works? What they don't tell you about the law of attraction?

Well, everybody says you get whatever you desire, you can manifest what you want, right? Well, kind of right because here is the missing part that nobody has told you before. It is the subconscious mind is running the show, not your conscious mind. Consciously you might think, I do want to have more money, I want to have the perfect relationship. I want to have my dream life and abundant lifestyle.

And I visualize it. I really work on it. I do my meditation. I build the vision board but it´s just not working. Well, I had the same problem. Actually, it wasn't working for me. I was trying to do all these things. Trying to make it work. But it was just not working. All the vision boards, everything that I did all the videos that I listened to... it was kind of working but not really. At least not the way that I thought it would or as the people tell the movie secret says it works.

Then I discovered the real secret. I mean, not the secret the movie, but the secret to the law of attraction. How to really do it. I had to work on my subconscious mind on the beliefs and blocks that I had built up. For example, I thought that I'm not smart enough to make a lot of money. It's hard work to make a lot of money. And you cannot earn money with this thing that you love. It's just not possible. And I was in a job that I really didn't like, I really hated it, to be honest. And I guess some of you can relate to this.  

I discovered all these blocks that I had and started to work on them. I use the source energy, the universe, whatever you may call it, to remove my blocks, replace them with positive thoughts. The thoughts that would actually get me what I wanted. I learned how to improve my intuition and remove all these blocks so that I could have the life that I really desired for years and years. 

Think about what blocks and believes you have about love or about money. For example, do you believe you have to work hard to earn money? You might be working 17 hours a day. And it's just not coming to you. You're stuck in a job that you hate. You are at a place that you don't enjoy. You want to have an abundant lifestyle or you don't feel fulfilled with what you're doing. And all of this comes from your subconscious mind, which then translates into our vibrational energy field and the energy field is what communicates with the universe. That's the most important part of our vibration. It's not what we consciously think but what we subconsciously think. And then when you are on a lower vibration, because you have all these blocks, all these beliefs, then that's what you're gonna attract back. You always attract the same things over and over and over again, until you remove your blocks until you remove your beliefs. There are all these silly beliefs that you collected since you were a child. 

The first step is to discover what your blocks are. What did you attach to money? What did you attach to work? To love? Discover your blocks by journal about them.

The second step is to work on removing the blocks. You really need to work with the source energy and cleanse yourself, cleanse your energy field, increase your vibration so that you can attract what you really desire. So you can attract more money, more love, more abundance into your life. This is really the key to the law of attraction.

I have worked with numerous people and helped them to discover their blocks and to remove them. To increase their vibration, so that they can manifest what they really, really desire. And it's possible for everybody, it's really, really possible for everybody. 

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