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Before you start your tarot card reading, connect yourself to the energy of the universe, think of the question you have and choose a card… Notice the thoughts, or feelings you have in response to the card you draw, and read the description to connect with the guidance of the universe available to you now. 

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Conflicts that have been smouldering for a long time can be resolved by honestly facing up to one’s responsibility and asking oneself what part one has in the emergence of the respective situation.

It is time to face one’s own life lies, instead of always adding new ones and thereby strengthening the web. The sword of justice is there to cut through the web and free oneself. It is never too late to know the truth and to admit one’s own misconduct. With the help of justice, such hurdles can be tackled and conflicts resolved.

What sounds like a perfect plan to one person seems impossible to another. If Justice appears upside down, the questioner may be trapped too deeply in his web of life lies and incapable of smashing it.

The fear of what then comes is too great: the truth. The sword of justice can only be helpful if you want it yourself. Otherwise one remains in ones web, which takes the soul and spirit’s ability to move. A “normal” participation in life seems impossible.

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