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Before you start your tarot card reading, connect yourself to the energy of the universe, think of the question you have and choose a card… Notice the thoughts, or feelings you have in response to the card you draw, and read the description to connect with the guidance of the universe available to you now. 

Flip Card

The Hermit

The hermit stands for clarification of one’s own goals. Peace and seclusion additionally promote the process. At its end there is wisdom, maturity and the ability to distinguish withdrawal from loneliness. Wisdom matures in seclusion. Nothing is missed, everything happens at the right time. Patience and the knowledge that a journey inside can release unknown powers are now more important than ever.

Too much seclusion can lead to loneliness – especially if you lose touch with your friends and family. In this case the hermit appears as a warning element: It indicates negatively that the questioner is possibly in a dead end. For if a person is no longer able to turn his gaze outwards because he has closed his eyes, he is trapped in himself and has lost the ability to “put himself in” others.

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