How Does The Law Of Attraction Work


Hello everyone today I want to talk about what manifesting blocks are and where they come from.

So blocks are manifesting blocks are things that keep away what you want to manifest what you desire most, that can be abundant money, love the husband that you want to manifest a great new job then that you try to manifest and it's just not happening for you. That means you definitely have a manifesting blocks seated in your energy field that keeps away what you really desire and want to manifest.

And where do these blocks come from?

So blocks come from our childhood, cause when we are smaller barricades, our subconscious mind is very open to receiving messages and it gets formed by our environment. Very often by our parents by things that we experience without us having a conscious decision on it. So the this can be your parents fight all the time, then you might connect love with with pain, or your parents at money issues. When you get imprinted, that money is hard to get, for example, or your parents went through a divorce, or your dad didn't take care of you when you're little, just things like that. Get imprinted in our energy field and our beliefs and our subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is the biggest factor that communicates with the universe that communicates with the universal energy. And if we have beliefs and competing purposes and blocks seated like that in our energy field. We won't be able to attract and manifest what we want. And it's very common that we also don't know consciously about these blocks. That's, that's really the worst part about it. Imagine you try to manifest something, you try to attract the great husband, you try to attract the great new job arrays. And it's just not happening and you don't know why. That's because you have these blocks and you're not aware of them. And sometimes you are even aware of them. Because you remember you listen to this video and you remember. Oh, yeah, right my parents used to fight about money. My parents used to fight about these things are I get these centered imprinted in my childhood. But you're still not able to release these energies.