E SQUARED book review (Pam Grout)



Hello everyone in this video I will talk about Pam growths book e squared, which says nine to yourself, energy experiments that prove your thoughts create your reality. And it's an amazing book if you want to get started for the law of attraction or if you've already started and you just want to improve your manifesting power supercharge your manifesting powers then this is an amazing book and he needs to stay tuned for this video to find out more about it. So before we get started, make sure to give me a like for this video. If you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel and click the bell button to get notified when new videos are up. So let's get started with E squared by Pam rod. As I said in this box, there are nine to yourself experiments that will prove the law of attraction to you and we'll improve your manifesting powers So, these experiments are all about energy, and how you are energy works, how you can prove it, and how you can see it for yourself to really make you believe that you you, your thoughts attract your reality. These experiments are for example, attracting something small, like a gift that you want to have starting she starts super simple. With, for example, manifesting a coffee or just something, a free gift of some sorts. And then the experiments just upgrade in more and more. For example, there's one experiment that really shows you that you are energy that's so interesting that you can see it or another experiment is about Growing small plants and then you'll see what your how your energy affects them how you can really influence it and it's so amazing to really see how energy works because it will just make you believe energy work even more and it will deep your law of attraction work so much. And there is another experiment that is all about attracting a text message from someone an old friend or someone that you haven't spoken to in a long time which is really amazing too, because it shows that energy doesn't really know space times, time or space, it can just travel that's that's isn't that great. And if you are someone who wants to believe more in the law of attraction needs more proof of it. This book is amazing. It's great, buy it and read it do the little experiments. Or if you have lost faith in the law of attraction, you have practiced it somehow but it's just not working for you. And I am all about that because I have experienced that. I had watched the secret read the book, and I was so hyped to get started for the law of attraction and I did all the visualization and affirmations and all the good stuff, but it was just not working for me. And I was wondering why on earth is it that the law of attraction works for other people but not for me, not the way that I thought it would work or I wanted it to work. And once I discovered energy work, and written more about it, I it suddenly made so much sense to me. why it didn't work before it got so clear to me because we're all surrounded by an energy field, our vibrational energy field, which communicates with the universe and we attract what we send out. So, if we send out doubt, fear and low energy vibes like that, guess what you will attract more low vibe energies of doubt, fear, regrets, jealousy, things like that. And I was sending that out all the time. I was living in fear and doubt and all these feelings that you do not want to have that you do not want to send out because that will only attract and create more fear, doubt and bad things in your life. So you want to raise your vibration. You want to have a good nice energy field around you. attracts amazing things into your life. So you want to live and feel love, joy, happiness, these are amazing high wire emotions. And if you send out these emotions, these energies, then you will attract these kind of energies back into your life. And once I started to shift once I stopped thinking, I am not worth it, I am not enough I cannot earn enough money, it's hard to earn money. All these bad beliefs that are in our subconscious minds will create the life that we do not really desire. So if you think to yourself, I am not enough money is hard to earn. Guess what what will show up what energy you will attract if you have these low energies thoughts, you will attract things that that did proves it. So you will attract, oh, it's hard to earn money. Yeah, you'll have a job where it's really hard to earn money. And I had that I had a job that I really hated. After that I had a business that was, I was working basically 24 seven. That was my life, though I didn't have any other life. It was awful. I hated it. And I did it for way too long. Because I thought it's hard to earn money, you need to hustle to earn money. You have to do the work and you cannot earn money with things that you love. And it was just a horror show. And once I started to work with energy, and read this book and learn more about energy itself, how to work it how to heal energy, how to raise my vibration, only then things started to change. And I tell you what, my clients are Get Amazing, amazing results. So they range from getting an amazing new job manifesting money easily manifesting abundance easily into their lives, manifesting love, joy, happiness, all the good things that you want to have, right? And it's possible that you change your vibration that you raise your energy field that you raise your vibration supercharge your manifesting power and attract more money into your life. If you want to know more about it, you can schedule a free session with me It's 100% for free, no strings attached. And we will discover what you truly truly desire because you need to know what you desire and you need to tell the universe what you desire. How else can the universe send you what you really want? Have right? It's as simple as that. And we also got to discover what is holding you back at this present moment and how you can get rid of that. 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