Do This To Practice Self-Love And Improve Self-Confidence


Hello everyone in this video I want to talk about how to improve yourself learn how to practice self love. 

So let's get into the topic of self love. Do you come from a fear based place like not having enough, not knowing if you'll ever have enough not being abundant, not loving yourself all this negative, fearful feelings that block what you want to have sending the universe wrong messages, not to not attracting what you want not attracting what you desire, not manifesting the life the love that you really want to have. 

You really have to stop to come from a fear based place. What you need to do is shift to self love, shift abundance shift to all the beautiful feelings in this life.

And how do you do that? You ask yourself different questions. You can ask yourself questions like, what would it take for me to love myself even more today? What would it take for me to be an happy, healthy, loving relationship? What would it take for me to be in a happy, loving relationship with myself? What would it take for me to make myself happy today to be joyful today to be a really good place?

Just little things like that will shift your reality changing from fear to love will really change your life because it will send out the right message to the universe instead of sending out bad messages. Low vibrational messages like fear, unhappiness, jealousy, and gratefulness, things like that, that are really low vibration will change to high vibrational feeling such as love, joy, happiness, it will really change your reality. And self love is one of the most important things to practice. 

I promise you working with a lot of clients showed me that this practice is the number one thing that you have to work on loving yourself. Showing yourself the respect that you deserve will shift your life, your day and everything around you will start to attract more abundance, love, joy, happiness, everything that you ever wanted will show up in your life. If you're willing to do the practice, ask different questions. Connect to the light and allow the universe to throw different opportunities your way to get more out of life, to get rid of hidden patterns that block what you really want to have. 

Ask positive loving questions that will really shift your way to be in a grateful vibration. Ask what would it take for me to be more grateful today? What would it take for me to be more grateful for myself today? finding answers to this question the universe will show you the answers once you start asking questions like that the universe will match your vibration it will show you the answers to this new questions that you ask. You won't even have to do anything else then connect to the light, feel the love and ask different questions. 

Then just lean back and let the universe do her thing. It will show you everything that you need to know at the right time, right place, things will shift. So comment down below what are your new questions? What new questions do you gonna ask yourself? Is it what would it take for me to feel more love? What would it take for me to feel more self love? Be an inspiration for others comment down below. 

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