BEST 5 Law Of Attraction SECRETS To Manifest Immediately FAST RESULTS!!



Hi, today I want to talk about my five top law of attraction secrets. These are amazing secrets that you definitely definitely need to know its secrets that will help to manifest your desires and dreams, everything amazing that you want to have. So stay tuned for this video really, it's got to be amazing. So, give me a like for this video. And if you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel and click the bell button to get notified when new videos are up. By the way, how do you like the lipstick? I call it the Kardashian lipstick because it's met does it match to my pullover? Just let me know in the comment if it feel like it or not let me know. So let's get started with my top five manifestation secrets to manifest your desires. Number one is the law know that the law of attraction is always at work. So, even if you do not set the conscious intention to manifest something, or you don't consciously think about it, the law of attraction is at work. How do you know that? Well, everything that you have in your life now you have manifested in the past. It's gone. It's could be amazing, great things. Or it can be things that you do not really love or like if you're in a place in your life that you do not really enjoy. Believe me, you have manifested that into your life. I for example, I had manifested really, let's do a beep here. Blue real bad things into my life. I had a job that I read Didn't like that I really hated to go to every morning was so dreadful to get up. All I wanted to do is stay in bed watch Netflix instead of going to work I really wanted to go backwards. When whenever I went there I remember thinking why why am I doing this? Why on earth the way they come here? I hate it so, so much. It was so dreadful to me. It was it was the worst days were so long. And these were not passing by. I really didn't enjoy my coworkers. The work that I was doing, it was just dreadful. It was horrible, really. And I but I had manifested that into my life. back then. I didn't know that back then. I didn't know that. I was manifesting the things into my life. But once you realize that you do manifest things into your life, and that you that you have the power to change things, because if you're able to manifest things that you don't like, guess what? You're able to manifest things that you're alike into your life. Isn't that amazing? I'm so happy that we all can manifest amazing things into our lives. So, the second tip is you need to feel good instead of feeling fear. Yes, you do that right. Because we think that fear protects us from being disappointed. I had this really big one for me. I was I was avoiding things I was fearful because I thought if I get too excited about something If I get too excited about a new relationship or in a new friends or anything that I had in my life, and then the this thing would disappear, I would be sad. So I was I was really in this fear energy if you know what I mean. But it's so important to feel good instead of feeling fear, because the fear is very low vibration. And if you feel fear all the time, then that's what you're gonna attract more of, you're gonna attract more fear into your life. But if you feel good about yourself about situations, then you'll attract more good things into your life better things into your life because you send out that vibration. And that's what you got to attract. So don't get me wrong. I understand with the fear and trying to protect yourself. It's all reasonable cause we all know that everything around us can change and but have the have good expectations in you that good things are going to come into your life. So my third tip is set intention set conscious intentions because if you set conscious intentions and send out into the universe, what you really want you take power back into your head, you are able to design your life. Live your life by design, setting intentions is so powerful. Instead of just floating around in life, not knowing what you want and things letting things just happen to you. Don't do that. Set good intentions have goals have visions for your Live yourself full of intentions. Now how do you do that? You do that by asking the universe. Good questions, better questions, because remember, if you ask the universe good questions, you will receive good answers. So, ask the universe, what would it take for me to receive that amazing job? Or what would it take for me to receive that amazing job? or anything else that you want to manifest? What would it take for me to manifest more money into my life? Comment that down below what would it take for me to manifest more money into my life? So setting those intentions, living by design is so so powerful. My first tip is tune into the energy of faith. So instead of feeling, fear and desperation change that around when you notice that you start to feel low vibrational feelings, like fear or disappointment, jealousy, whatever it may be for you then turn them around into faith states consciously that you choose faith over fear. Gabby Bernstein talks about that so often and she has a great book I think it was in the may cause miracles I'm 100% sure right now, but changing things around from fear into faith is such a powerful method such a powerful exercise to do so please do that. And my last but not least tip is tune in also tune into the energy of joy. Well here if you you may already Is to tuning into faith. That's great. But what is life without joy, right? You want to have joy, you want to have fun in life. So also whatever you do, even if it's small things, just make jokes around, have fun. Go and stance at home, like crazy, go out, have some fun, do things that you enjoy because life is there to to be enjoyed these 3d worlds. The material world for us is full of things that we can enjoy and we should enjoy and you need to create the feeling of fun, consciously create the feeling of fun at home for yourself, because that's when we really supercharge our manifesting powers. So I hope you like this video. Give me a thumbs up If yes, if you're watching on YouTube Subscribe to my channel and click the bell icon to get notified when new videos are up. Bye for now.