Alternate Day Intermittent Fasting Put To The Test



Hey, today I'm going to talk about how I lost 10 pounds just within a month by using alternate day fasting, which is an intermittent fasting variant. So if you want to lose weight, and you want to lose it fast, then this is the right video for you. Before we get started, make sure to give me a thumbs up if you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel and click on the bell button to get notified when new videos are up. So I stumbled up on alternate day fasting and I lost weight so quickly like never before. And I want to share my experience with you. I'm going to share what the benefits are, how I did it, and how you too can lose weight with alternate day fasting. So I have some notes down here so I make sure I do not forget anything, anything that's important. So yeah, I look at my notes sometimes Let's get started with the benefits of intermittent fasting. So intermittent fasting is really really amazing to lose weight without dieting without restricting what you eat. Like in general, you will still be able to eat dessert and have some pizza sometimes, of course, it's sensible to eat healthy, but with intermittent fasting alternate day fasting you can definitely eats, binge eat sometimes and you still gonna lose weight. And it's also also very, very beneficial for the body in general. So fasting is very old, ancient people already did in ancient time. mean. So it's very beneficial for your body because it gets rest, it doesn't have to take care of digestion and it gets time to heal and to recover itself. And that will really help you to keep your youth to get better skin, I started to get better skin because my body just had time to get rid of all the toxins because it wasn't doing the digestion work all the time, right. So what's important to say is I am healthy, so I do not have any, like big health issues. So I talked to my doctor and for me, this really no issue to do alternative fasting and I can get all the benefits, but if you have any health issues, for example with your thyroid or anything else You should talk to your doctor. I'm not a doctor, so I cannot give you any advice. If you're having some health issues, so I really come, I can only talk for me who has good health and doesn't have any issues otherwise other than I wanted to lose weight. So there are different ways of fasting which is the most common one is 16 hours of fasting and eight hours of eating. So there are 16 eight, there is 2820 hours of fasting and four hours of eating. What what I did, I tried all out 1624 and 36 hours of fasting, and I do not know why but certainly six hours of fasting Seeing works like magic on my body. If I do 24 hours of fasting if I do anything less than 3036 it does, it does have an effect, but not as huge effect. I do not know why. But the circuit thinks hours of fasting is like magic. Every time I did it, I would lose like half an inch on my waist, which is really a lot, right. So certainly six hours of fasting is he start counting, it's basically one and a half days without eating. But you start counting the day last time that you had a meal. So that's the starting point. For example, when you have your last meal in the evening at eight at eight yeah Then I would fast for one and a half days so I would go to I would eat at eight I would go to bed I would wake up I would fast the whole day. And then I would go again to bed without eating so it's it's actually a bit more than Sir 36 hours but yeah yeah so I didn't eat it ate I ate the loss. Then I went to bed I didn't eat the whole day I went to bed and then the next morning when I woke up I had my breakfast so let me have a sip of coffee. I have a sore throat today. I don't know why. Sorry for that. So that's a bit more than 36 hours but that just works really like magic. 24 hours did not work really well, even though I didn't eat a lot after 24 hours but still there's something going on that I did at least 36 hours so and during the festival during the fasting time I would drink black coffee is okay teens. Okay, green tea is really good because it helps with burning fat. So black coffee and green tea really help a lot with burning fat and help you to still be energized throughout the fasting and water is okay, but nothing with calories. So oh and sorry and stevia is okay. So what I would really like green tea with stevia, which is a natural sweetener and stevia doesn't spike the insulin levels. So stevia You're totally safe by using that and each time I would get hungry, I'll brew a cup of green tea or coffee and just drink it throughout the date that really really helps with the hang up and you get used to you get used to it anyways. So you're gonna be fine the first few times it's a bit hard but you'll get used to it. What's not okay is you shouldn't take any calories, not even one calorie that already breaks fast actually. And you should also in this very interesting, do not take any vitamins or vitamin C, unless of course you have a health issue and right so be sensible about that issues. That's why you should talk to your doctor. You of course should take Medicine and yeah, so again, I'm talking for people who are who are healthy. So no calories, no vitamins, no fish oil, nothing. And the reason behind this is you want to stress your body actually, because when your body gets stressed, it's produces hormones that helps healing it, as paradoxical as that sounds, but that's actually what happens when you're fasting and that's the great health benefits of it is you want to stress your body and you do not want to take anything that will help to de stress so no vitamin C, no vitamins in general, and so on. What you can also also do during fat fasting, if you can do it, is to work out and just do your normal weights, your normal More pencil that you would do there it actually it helps the body with recovering to get healthier and things. I do it sometimes sometimes I find it hard to work out so I switch between doing workouts during fasting or while I'm not fasting but actually it's better to to work out while you're fasting just as a side note, especially weight training will help to prevent muscle loss because you do not want to lose any muscle, right. And then at night, in the beginning I had I was struggling to fall asleep because I was hungry. So what I did how I solved that issue for me was I took melatonin Which helps with falling asleep. And for me it's a good solution. I'm okay with taking something extra or in, in addition to help me fall asleep. I know there are some people who do want to do everything very natural and do not want to do it. But for me, it just worked really well. So I took melatonin to to be able to fall asleep because remember, your body's under stress, there's adrenaline, and it's gonna be a bit harder to fall asleep when you're hungry. And then the next morning when I woke up, or when I wake up, I eat I just wait until I'm hungry. I do not go like immediately and correct something so but that's just a personal preference. I usually do not eat a big breakfast. Not too hungry. So usually it would take me one or two more hours until I ate something. So are there I eat something and then in how you break your fast, what meal you eat is actually very, very important. The reason why is your body is super sensitive to taking whatever is given to at this point because it has been starved for so long. So whatever you give your body it's gonna be absorbed immediately. So what you want to do is you want to avoid fats, because you want to lose fat, right? So why would you go and have even healthy fats like you do not want to go and eat an avocado or have a salad with dressing whatever you do not want to eat fats, the first thing that when you break your Fast what you want to do is you want to go lean protein and some carbohydrates. So for lean protein you can combine just lean chicken breast, but really chicken breast, no fat, no chicken thigh or anything that is fairly. So you really want to go with the lean good. Chicken breast, just one chicken breast is enough and combine it with some carbohydrates that will spike your insulin quickly because that will help your body to absorb the proteins. And I use puffed rice for this. It's better than using rice because the puffed rice the molecules are already split up and they gonna be absorbed even quicker and your insulin is gonna spike and the protein will be able to absorb even more quickly. And as a vegan alternative, you can do pea protein drink, but only mix it with water. Do not use any not smoke, any Dyer, dairy and milk, anything because your gut will be very sensitive and you can cause some very sensitive issues if you combine it with something that could cause inflammation or Yeah, just keep it really lean and simple. And then me I also take zinc and iron oxide supplement, especially for women. For me, as a woman, it's important for my thyroid because the iron oxide helps with the thyroid and it's I just I asked my consult with my doctor and that's what he recommended me. So when Ask your doctor or do your research what's good for you, but from what I know from my doctor is women should women who fast should in general, take some zinc and ionized supplements or something and ionized rich foods. And then I just have this little, this little break lunch at that point, and then I wait one hour until I have my normal, bigger meal. And the reason really is that the first meal that you want to consume, it should be proteins because you want to get all these good proteins in your body and your gut is sensitive and here are desensitizing your gut by eating something small And then one hour later you can just eat anything that you want. And so and how often do I affairs this also very important should not fast every day especially as women it's not recommended to fast every day. Of course long term fasting like 36 or longer you cannot do every day anyways. But I usually do it twice a week. So two days I just eat just normal. I really eat whatever I want. I have desserts, I have cake, I have pasta, I have cheese, so I have everything that I want to eat. And I do not count any calories. And then I mean I'm so try to eat healthy, right but I do not try to forbid things too much so I just eat just normal and then for two days I eat normal and then on the third day I do a fasting 36 hours fasting until like one and a half days. And then again I eat two days just normal and then I fast again. So and this helped me so much with losing weight and nothing before really helped. So dieting in general is not fun for me. I like desserts. I like pasta and pizza sometimes. I just like to eat and yeah i doing like dieting all the time is too hard on me and I cannot do it and also by doing this alternate day fasting, so eating two days just regular and one day of fasting your medical symbolism doesn't get slowed down so you do not get into this yo yo effect this very known Yuya effect I fell for that. I mean, I had really bad yo yo effect before when I dieted and restricted my calories, my body would get used to it and then when I stopped dieting and eating regularly, my weight just went up again. So with this method of fasting, I found my metabolism doesn't slow down. So on my eating days, I just eat regular I eat what I want. I make sure though that I have greens and fruits and get all my vitamins. And then on the third day, I fast for one and a half days, and it really really works like Warner's and as I said, I lost 10 pounds in four weeks, and I didn't have any other diet. I didn't. I never did diet like that before and not gain weight. So, this is really good that you do not have this urea effect even now, I that I sometimes I stop it. Sometimes I just eat for a week or two just regular I do not fast at all. Also, actually science shows that it's quite it's pretty good if you write your fasting period like that if you just eat regularly if you just eat every day for a week or two. I cannot explain why but that's what the scientists found out and it when you start fasting again it will have the bigger effect. So you Yeah, this is this is how I lost so much weight. This is how I keep my weight. And I love this way of fasting I do not have to think about what I eat when I when I am on my regular eating days I can eat just what I want. I do not have to restrict myself my regular eating day is and it's easier than you would think. So fasting is easier than you think in the beginning it's a bit hard and maybe you want to do you want to start with 16 hours of fasting in the beginning and then ramp up to 2024 and then 236 to get used to it to make the transition easier for you. But I honestly I love this method of dieting. It's super healthy and I just can control my weight or I can lose my weight. It's really like clockwork I can count on it. If I don't eat for 36 hours, I will lose half an inch on my waist. So yeah, if you want to lose weight quickly, this is just an amazing, amazing method to do. I hope you liked this video If yes, give me a thumbs up. If you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel and click on my belt on the bell button to get notified when new videos are up. I talk a lot about manifesting how to manifest more money. And sometimes I do some videos on topics that I find interesting that have helped me that possibly could help you as well. So bye for now. 

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