Alternate Day Fasting Weight Loss Success Stories



Welcome to my alternative fasting success story. I have lost over 10 pounds within four weeks and not gained back. And I love alternate day fasting it's the quickest and easiest way to lose weight while still enjoying all the foods that you want to eat while still eating chocolate and everything so if you want to lose weight quickly and easily, then this is the right video for you. Before we get started, make sure to hit the like button subscribe to my channel and click on the bell button. And I'm also a money manifestation coach. So if you want to manifest more money into your life, then go ahead and schedule a free session with me today. And you not only will lose weight but make more money. So let's get started. How did I lose 10 pounds within four weeks without gaining a bag. So I had gained Why'd some waves and I was unhappy about it and I tried everything to lose it I actually I gained 20 pounds. Yeah 20 pounds is a lot right for me it was quite a lot. And I've already lost 10 pounds of Woodbridge. I'm so so happy now because I struggled losing it for month and month and it just didn't go away. So I tried exercising, I tried dieting, I tried intermittent fasting and it will not work. Until one day I thought I gonna give alternate day fasting. Try because I listened to another woman here on YouTube that she uses used alternate day fasting and it had great effects on her body. I thought okay, let's See, maybe that works. Nothing else really work for me. And I have to say, I am so happy. I am so impressed. This is the best method ever. And I can only recommend everybody who's healthy, of course, to try out this method. If you have any health issues, you might you have to check with the doctor. Maybe you have a thyroid issue or something, then this is maybe not the right method for you. So I can only talk to people who are healthy, because I'm healthy. I took with my doctor and he said I can give it a go. And yeah, as I said, I had tried intermittent fasting, skipping breakfast, so 16 hours of fasting 24 hours of fasting, even but it didn't have that kind of an effect while alternate day fasting, like eating for Not eating for a whole day for 36 hours at least. It works like a charm. I lose an in in half an inch on my waist, which is about one centimeters. Every single time that I fast just really overnight and one day I lose so much and it's consistent the results are consistent in that's so amazing. I've never had any luck with that or not never so much luck with with another diet. So what I do is I eat for two days and then just regular and then for one day I don't do not eat anything until like the next two days I eat so two days of eating regular then in the evening I stopped eating of the second day it's about eight for the next whole day. I don't eat anything. I go to bed. Hungary I wake up and have breakfast. So that's the way I do alternate day fasting. And it just is amazing. It's consistent results. It's quick, it's easy. If you need to lose weight fast and easy this is definitely the way to go. If you want to lose weight and not have yo yo effect not fall back into the trap of yo yo effect. It's exactly what what helped me. So I wanted to try out if I gonna gain weight if I stop fasting which I did, I tried it out for a few weeks and there is no yo yo effect. So my metabolism did not slow down whatsoever. I can eat what I want and I just stay at the same level I do not gain weight. I mean of course I do not exaggerate. I do not have fast foods and cake and everything every single day be sensible I still try to eat healthy. But yeah once in a while I splurge I go to the party or have cake. I have a bunch of chocolate actually every single day, but not too much. And it is amazing I can just recommend you doing this method as I said if you're healthy if you want to lose weight quickly and easily is the best best best method that you can ever do. They're the it's the best methods for my body on I usually it's easy for me to gain weight but hard for me to lose weight. Yeah, I sometimes I joke I gain weight by just looking at K It's like that and especially you when you have been to to vacation or for a weekend away in Italy and have pizza and pasta and all the things I would just gain weight and it was so hard for me to lose it and it just happened so quickly I'm not like super tall or anything i'm not i'm not fat either but I get chubby quickly and yeah, this is like the method for me i love it i gonna continue doing it. But I also gonna give a break sometimes because the reasons sir research shows that if you give fasting, a break it actually and then pick it up again. It actually helps you with not getting accustomed to it too much. That's why I have a break at the moment I just stopped doing it I just eat every day currently, but as I said there is no yo yo effect and I just love that there is that there is no yo yo effect usually always had yo yo effects after dieting. And it was so so frustrating to go through the whole dieting process to restrict yourself to not eat, to look at cake to look at pizza and not being able to have any of it and just gaining everything back. So yeah, I think a lot of people can relate to this. dieting and then gaining it back is just so frustrating. And yeah, it didn't happen. Well, that alternate day fasting and the good thing is on the days that are do eat. So in the two days on my eating days, I can eat what I want. Literally, I do not have to watch out to not eat cake, I'll have cake, I'll have burgers, I'll have pizza, I'll have pasta, maybe you know three times a day, and maybe not each and every single day, but I still have it and I still lose weight. So there is no big psychological restriction because eating not eating for a whole day is way easier than dieting for a whole week. Because you just have to not eat for one day and that it's that's done way easier. Psychologically, it's way easier for me than having to watch out what I eat the whole time. So it's like an on and off switch. And when while you're off while you're not eat is it's way easier psychologically to not eat because I know the next day I can just eat whatever and then I'm fine with not eating for a whole day especially when you're on the go when you have things to do when you have when you're at your job, maybe you're at a conference or whatever, then it's even easier because you do not really realize that you do not eat. You're so much on the go you have things to do you have people to talk to and ice what I do is I sip on tea with stevia. Stevia is fine you can have stevia on your fasting days, and it gives me a feeling of being full it's a bit sweet. So that also just helps me with with the fasting process and alternate day fasting doesn't Just have weight loss benefits but it also has health benefits. It keeps your body young and fits. And yeah the research the research really shows that fasting is very beneficial for our bodies. That's why hidden throughout the history and religion and so on, there's so much about fasting it's, it's an ancient method to to keep your body healthy and today our research shows that it actually does keep your body healthy and you lose weight by doing it. So I hope you like this video give me a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel and click on the bell button to get notified when new videos are up. Bye for now. 

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