Alternate Day Fasting Transformation



Do you want to know how I lost 10 pounds within just a month, then this is the right video for you. If you want to lose weight and you struggle to lose weight, you have tried everything if it doesn't work, then I will tell you how I lost it because I was in that situation I tried to lose weight and nothing was working until I found alternate day fasting and when I started to the pounds just started to drop overnight literally overnight. So stay tuned until the end of the video to know all the secrets that I practice and that you can practice as well. For we get started make sure to hit the like button, subscribe to my channel and click on the bell button. Also, I'm a money manifestation coach and you can get a free session with me today. Click on the link below to schedule a free session and learn how you can manifest more money into your life. So let's get started. Hi Out lose 10 pounds within just a month without dieting while being able to have fast food have sweets and all the good stuff. So I have gained 20 pounds and I was struggling to lose that weight. I really tried everything from dieting from eating less from not eating any sugar from exercising, you name it. I have tried it all but nothing was really working for me I would lose a bit of weight but nearly not the weight that I wanted to lose because imagine if you want to lose 20 pounds and you're just losing one pound or so and you put so much effort into it and it's not working and you just want to give up because it's So hard right to diet all the time to not eat what you want to go exercise. So, I also tried intermittent fasting. I tried the 16 hours intermittent fasting the 20 hours and the 24 hours intermittent fasting. So that means for 16 hours window for the 16 eight intermittent fasting, I wouldn't eat for 16 hours and for eight hours I would eat and always still look at what I was eating right so I wouldn't eat any sweets and so on. But it wasn't working and also the 24 hours so I wouldn't eat from eight o'clock the night before until eight o'clock in the evening, the next day, so for 24 hours, then I would have small ish dinner. I would watch my calories. But it wasn't really working, I would lose maybe one pound over the course of two weeks or so. But it was still so draining, I put so much work into it and it I didn't get the results that I wanted to get. So I thought, Okay, I'm gonna give it a try. I know it's gonna be hard, but I'm gonna do the alternate day fasting, which is about a window of 36 to 40 hours that you do not eat. So how the alternate day fasting works is on one day, he just eat what you want. And then on the next day, you diet, you do not eat anything. It's not out and you just do not eat anything. And what I would do is actually for two days, I would just eat as usual, I would have I mean, I look at Look out and what I eat, I try to get in all my greens, broccoli, spinach, and I eat fruit. So in general, I'm a pretty healthy eater. And but I also sometimes then ate a hamburger once in a while or a piece of pizza or have some sweets. So for two days, I would just eat the way I wanted. I wouldn't die it so there was no calorie restriction. And I would just eat anything that I wanted to eat. But keep in mind in general, I eat healthy but still sometimes I eat a burger. Sometimes I have pizza sometimes is chocolate. Okay, every day I have chocolate I have to admit that so every day I would have chocolate because I love sweets. And it's so hard for me to not eat sweets at all for so for two days. I just eat babies. whatever I want. And then on the third day, I fest So, for example, what that looks like is, for example, like yesterday at 8pm I had my dinner and then today is my fasting day so after 8pm I don't anything I wake up, I don't anything eat anything the whole day. I go to bed and then tomorrow when I wake up, I gonna have breakfast just whenever I feel like having breakfast you either I eat breakfast when I get up because I'm very hungry or I wait one or two hours because I'm not yet hungry. So that's about fasting window of about about 40 ish hours. So again, yesterday, I had dinner that night. stopped eating, I don't eat anything today until tomorrow morning, where I just gonna have regular breakfast and eat all day long The way I want. Then the next day I again gonna eat the way I want. And after that I can have alternate day, fasting day. So two days of eating whatever you want one whole day of not eating anything. And then again two days of eating whatever you want. And then again one day of fasting. So I fast two days a week. And I tell you, this method works like a charm. I lose about half an inch per first thing day, but really literally one fasting day is about an inch which is amazing. one centimeter on my waist. So I lose weight on my gain and lose weight on my waist usually. And so yeah, like just imagine in one week I can lose about two know half an inch Sorry, I got confused. One day of fasting is about half an inch. So and one centimeters sorry I got confused and one week of fasting is about so today's okay I get confused Okay, what let's just keep it basic. One day of fasting is half an inch which is about one centimeter of loss on my waist and within one month I lost 10 pounds without really restricting myself too much In the beginning guess the day you are you do not eat anything is it? You need to get used to it. I thought it's gonna be worse. So once once you get used to it and once you do stuff you're unranked you go to work or do whatever you actually you forget about it. So it's not that hard to begin with. And I never had this much of an effect from any dieting or exercising or whatever, especially on the days that I do eat. I just really eat whatever I want. So if I want to have a burger in the evening, even or pizza in the evening, I'll just eat it. And as I said every day I eat a piece of chocolate I mean I do not eat a ton of chocolate but I do eat some chocolate and some sweets and I basically really have whatever I want. And I still lose so much weight without a lot of effort because you get used to it. And believe it or not, it's way easier to restrict yourself for a whole day of not eating, to having to think about what you're gonna eat on a day that you're gonna need to plan or on or restricting yourself every single day to not eat right. I mean, I I really like food. So I hated it. When I had to when I dieted that I had to look at, oh, I cannot have a glass of wine or something that I really wanted to have that I needed to watch out or when I was I was on a birthday party or a party in general, when I that I needed to look out for what I had to eat, so I really They don't like that I wrote that go, like two days of eating whatever I want. And then one day, you don't know anything and it's way easier than you think. Especially once you get used to it the first three, four times, it's gonna be hard. I'm not gonna lie to you, cuz it's, yeah, your body needs to get used to it, you'll get hungry and so on. But each time I get hungry, it's you can have black coffee with stevia, you can have tea with stevia. So I usually drink either black coffee or tea with a green tea with stevia, and that really takes away the hunger, I have to say. And the only thing that I struggled with sometimes was in the evening to fall asleep while you're hungry. That's a bit difficult. And when it was really difficult to fall asleep because I was hungry, I would have a big glass of warm water. So it would relax my stomach and then I would take melatonin which is something, something that promotes your sleep and you can buy it and drugstores it's not prescription, it doesn't need to be prescribed by the doctor. You can just buy melatonin pills in any direct store and I would take that and then all fall asleep and it's way way easier now that I got used to it. And I really love it because on the days that I eat, I eat whatever I want. And then the next one day I fast and do not have any calories. So this is important. No calories, really zero calories, you just can have stevia, and a few other things, but that's too complicated. Now I'm doing another video where I explain which beverages are fine for fasting, which will not break the fast. But it's really important that you do not have any broth or anything with with the calories that comes down to the insulin level and burning fat because once you have anything with calories your insulin will raise and that will just break your fast that will break the fat burning mechanism that is going on in your body and it will make it harder for you to lose weight, and you will risk to break your metabolism and then also Yeah, so it's That's why it's important to not have any calories and not have anything that breaks your fast or spikes your insulin because you want to have this fat burning action going on in your body right and sometimes when I now after four weeks that I did it so when I feel like oh I do not want to fast this week then I when I then I do not fast and I do not gain any weight, I maintain my weight. The reason is, I didn't break my metabolism. I didn't slow down my metabolism by restricting calories every single day. That happens on a diet. That's why we have a huge effect. If you watch out to what you eat. For example, if you do Weight Watchers or Any other diet you restrict your calories every single day and your body gets used to it. And then what happens is once you stop dieting and eat the normal calories on every single day, you'll gain weight. But this doesn't happen with alternate day fasting. This is why it's again so amazing because your body is still used to getting a lot of calories because on your eating days, you just eat whatever you want, and it's easy to get a lot of calories. So this alternate day fasting doesn't slow down your metabolism, which avoids you having a yo yo effect which is so amazing. I love it and I can just recommend to you to do alternate day fasting if you want to lose weight or if you had like a big birthday or a trip or wherever you Really splurged on your calories and had whatever you want. If you want to watch out for that to alternate day fasting, go on the scale, measure your hips or your waist and you'll see how fast it just goes back to your normal weight. So I hope you liked this video If yes, give me a thumbs up if you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel and click on the bell button to get notified when new videos are up. Bye for now.