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I am Bee, a money manifestation coach who helps women to manifest abundance by breaking through their manifestation blocks. I have worked with numerous clients to supercharge there manifesting power using my unique skills and intuition.

My story

From Scarcity to Manifesting Queen 

I wasn’t always a coach and manifesting expert… In fact, not too long ago, I was living a  life in scarcity.  

Picture an unhappy young woman who was stuck in a job she did not enjoy, making money losing money, making money losing money, trapped in an abusive relationship, feeling lonely as her dreams just did not seem to work out for her ... feeling stuck in life.

Exhausted, feeling alone, and on the verge of depression, I had spent so many years chasing money, abundance and happiness unsuccessfully. 

Even though I was practicing the Law of Attraction after having watched the movie The Secret, my life didn´t fall into place. I practiced gratitude daily, visualized what I wanted, created a vision board. I would occasionally manifest some things: a free coffee, some money here and there, a few presents.

But still I was stuck in the same situation: not living the abundant life style I dreamed about, the first class vacations, the weekly massages, the feeling of abundance and security, having more than enough money in bank account to take care of my self, my family and my future while living a comfortable life.

I was wondering why does the Law of Attraction work for other people? Why isn´t it working for me the way I want? How can I finally make it work for me?

So I dived deep. I learned everything there is about the Law of Attraction. I studied teachers such as Abraham Hicks, Gabby Bernstein, Eckhart Tolle etc. I studied people who were natural super manifestors.  As well as energy healing and connecting to the Universe.

And slowly but surely I understood what the real secret is behind the Law of Attraction... 

It all started to make sense...

I started to become a super manifestor myself. I started to have the abundant life style I had so much desired. Living the first class life that I deserved, with the massages, the vacations, the luxuries. And I can tell you it is an amazing life.

I learned that all of us have manifestation blocks. These blocks literally keep away what we want to manifest. They are like a wall that surround you and don´t allow you to receive your manifestation. 

Blocks are believes that we have about us or the world, such as "money is so hard to earn" or "only the rich get richer". Think about it what blocks do you have? I can guarantee you that you have some blocks if you are not able to manifest your desires.  

And the only way to manifest your desires is by removing these blocks. 

It took me years to figure this out. But now I am blessed to have helped women to become super manifestors with profound and consistent results within just a few weeks. 

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