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Today I want to talk about how to use the 55 by five method to manifest anything that you want to have anything that you desire. It's such a powerful method, and I'm excited to share it with you today. Before we get started, make sure to give me a thumbs up if you're watching on YouTube, subscribe to my channel, and click the bell button to get notified when new videos are up. So let's get started how to use the 55 by five method to manifest anything that you want. So for everyone who have never heard of the 55 by five method, it's a manifestation technique, where you write out 55 times what you want to manifest for five days. So for five following days you are on each day you write out what you want to manifest the short statement of what you want to have what you want to attract. It's super simple, super easy. But also very, very powerful. And I'm sure that this method will help you to manifest what you want. So, number one thing to do when you do this method is to use a short statement is short, precise statements for one thing that you want to manifest. You can start small if you want to test out the method and see if it works for you. For example, this could be that you try to manifest flowers or a cup of coffee just to see if it works. Or you can try to manifest something bigger or maybe a small test, like you want to manifest hundred dollars, or $1,000, whatever it is that you want to manifest, or you want to manifest being happy or something to change in your favor. So take One short precise statement and write it out. And the tip number two is use present tense to write it out. For example, let's say you want to test it out and you want to try if you can manifest $100 then write out what would it take for me to manifest the hundred dollars? What would it take for me to manifest $100? Write that statement out in the present tense. And yeah, or is the question. So you can also I usually like to do questions, but you can also do thank you that I have manifested $100 so you can put in gratitude into it. So either use the questions What would it take questions? Or use the present tense statement with thank you that I have manifested $100. So you see that's a very short and precise sentence that you're going to use. So do not use a huge statement with a lot of descriptions. Do not go into too much detail as you would do with scripting for example. really keep it short, simple and sweet. That way you will get the best results because you will feel way better to to write out a short statement 55 times instead of work huge, huge one pager 55 times that will just annoy you and you want to keep it really simple, short and sweet and precise. My next tip is be present while you write it out. So really be in the present moment do not get distracted by other things. So do not think about what else you have to do during the day or anything like that really be in the present moment while you write out the 55 statements for the day, because you need to put your present energy into it. You need to be present with what you do in order to manifest what you want to attract. So, really be in the present moment and be careful to put all your energy into it. And my next tip is my final To is number four if you're at five, come from a high vibe place. So make sure that you are in a high vibrational field. This can be just coming from a place of love joy, happiness, abundance, make sure that you feel really good that you have high vibrational frequency while you write that out. Maybe before you get started, you want to do short meditation or a short breathing exercise, or you want to go out into the nature and feel the abundance and carry that abundant energy into your into your practice. So if you want to manifest money, for example, carrying the energy of abundance into this practice is really going to help you to manifest what you desire and make sure that you feel good that you're have a high vibrational energy, make sure that you just have fun with it. Do not be Don't be desperate about what you want to manifest. Just see it as a fun little thing that you do to manifest what you desire. And that will help you to manifest what you want so much faster. I guarantee you and I love this little technique. It's you can do it also in either when you wake up in the mornings or when you go to bed at night, you can do this little practice and just have fun with it really and and enjoy doing it because this is the way to really attract what you truly want to have. And again, I assure you it's so possible for you to manifest an abundant lifestyle to manifest the wealth and luxury into your life. As I did for example, I was kind of broke I used to be kind of broke. I was I had a good job I was new Okay, it wasn't earning too little or something but I never had an abundant lifestyle and I was never financially free. Cuz I didn't live from an abundant place I lift from a place of lack and fear. And practice like this can really help you to turn your life around to see what power you have that you have the power to turn your life around that you have the power to become abundant because you are abundant being mightier. You You are created by the universe and the universe is abundant and wants you to be abundant. It's your birthright to live an abundant life. And don't get discouraged by any thing that happens to you. I had bad things happening to me being scammed out of money, losing money in investments, not loving money, not being careful with the money, but I turned things around. Now I have a really amazing lifestyle. I have an apartment that I love. I have financial freedom. I go on luxurious vacations, I get massages when I want I go out for dinner when I want. I have enough money in my bank account because I am more mindful with the money and I learned to save it and I learned to take care of and I learned to attract more money easily into my life. And I want to make that happen to you too. I want you to have an abundant, wealthy lifestyle because you deserve it. I want you to have this amazing life that you've always dreamed about. If you want to know more about it Come and join us in our rich squat Academy where will you will learn about how to become healthy, how to become abundant, how to make your dreams, your reality, and this is all that I want to have for you. So check out the link below for the Academy. I will link it down below. And yeah, I will I hope I will see you there. So I hope also that you like this video if yes, give me a thumbs up if you're watching on YouTube. 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