4 Signs LOVE Is COMING Your Way


Hey everyone in this video I want to discuss the four signs that love is coming your way. 

Number one sign that love is coming your way is patience. So what does that mean? You need to be patient. If you are feeling and patient all the time and thinking when is love going to come when is love going to come when is love gonna come? You're sending out the wrong vibration, you're sending out low vibrations to the universe. And that means you can never manifest love. You can only manifest love if you send out the same vibrations as love happiness, joy. If you're on patient all the time and thinking and feeling to yourself. Self. This is not happening. This is not working for me when it's gonna happen. Finally, then be sure that you won't be able to manifest love.

Number two, detachment, detachment of the outcome, this is so, so important. You should not be a need of the outcome you should not be a need to have someone to feel love, to have a boyfriend, to have love to have more friends, to have to feel love. You need to love yourself and love yourself before you have what you desire. You need to send out the good vibrations before what you want really happens in the material world. You need to create the right vibration you need to create the right match to be a magnet for what you want to have. If you're feeling a need of having someone in order to feel, feel joy to feel happiness, then what he desire will for sure not happen. You need to be happy, healthy, loving, joyful, without having what you desire without having the outcome only if you feel good without having the outcome without having what you want materialized already, and knowing that it will come to you, then you will be able to manifest it.

And number three, is knowing that it's going to happen, not being in doubt not saying maybe, maybe it's going to happen, maybe it's not going to happen for me. No, you have to really know you have to be hundred percent sure that love is going to happen to you, that you gonna attract the spot a special somewhat that you're gonna attract. more alive in your life. Comment down below. I know that I got to attract love. I know that love is coming my way, comment down below, send it out to the universe. I know that love is coming my or my way. I know that love is coming my way. Be sure of it and be 100% sure of it. Don't wait for anything to happen in the outside. Be sure of it in yourself. That love will happen to you create love already in your present moment by loving yourself and being sure of it that it's gonna happen to you.

And number four, reject negativity. So this can be negative people, negative situations, negative beliefs. Negative past memories. Don't hang out with the friends who say, Oh, it's so hard to find someone. Don't listen to them. Don't talk about love with them. Don't listen when they say it's so hard to manifest. It's so hard to find the special someone it's so hard to date. I hate eating. Things like that are really really bad for you a really bad for your manifesting powers. You want to unleash your manifesting powers. You want to start to manifest love today and not to listen to negativity. Don't go into beliefs about yourself like I don't deserve love. I'm too fat. I'm too thin. I'm not pretty enough or good men are gone. I never will be able to attract someone. Those are like poison. Those are blocks for your manifesting power. If your own vibrations are low vibration slightly there, how can the universe listen to what you want and send you the good things. It will only show you the things that you already created in the past and that didn't bring you the results that you wanted. So you need to change that. You find new friends, change your beliefs, say positive affirmations. Think about and visualize about good things and stay positive.

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