4 Shocking Law of Attraction Techniques


Hi everyone in this video I will discuss four law of attraction techniques that will get you what you want in an instant. Before we get started, make sure to press the subscribe button and click the bell notification to get notified when new videos are up. So let's get started. 

1. Number one, the actors technique. So the actors technique is really powerful. It is about acting and pretending that what you want is already in your life. So if you want to have a great new relationship, great new job, more money, more abundance in your life, whatever it is, you just need to act as if it is already in your life. So if you want to have a great relationship Ship then act is if you already have a relationship, take yourself out of dates. Get yourself flowers, make some space in your cupboards for your significant other. Just little things like that are so important and the most important part is to feel really good in the moment to feel as if your new your relationship or as if you already have a new relationship, as if you already found love. Love yourself more. Just really, make sure that you have these positive feelings in your life. Before the things that you want happen in your life. Make sure that you act as if you already have what you desire in your life and raise your vibration.

2. According to that, number two is the index card technique. So with the index card technique, you write a little note to yourself saying I am so happy and grateful that dot dot dot that I have a loving, happy relationship that I have an abundant life that I have more money, anything you want, you just write it in your on an index card and put it in your wallet in your bag. Wherever you wherever you want. Wherever you will see it often it could be on your mirror, even where you look at in the mornings, that you just see this little card, reminding yourself of being grateful for what you want to have. You can also write down new for what you're grateful for in the now maybe you have really great friends. Maybe you have Have a great relationship to your sis, siblings. Maybe you have a great new job, whatever it is write that down on an index card. And make sure to regularly check it and that will remind you that you that you have amazing things in your life. It will help to raise your vibrations in an instant also comment down below. I am so happy and grateful for Dr. George for for my happy loving relationship commented down below now send it out to the universe, the more of new righted the better it is just commented down below now.

3. Number three is turn your affirmations into questions. So instead of saying I am so happy I am so this That, instead of that, use questions for example, what would it take for me to find love? What would it take for me to be in a happy, healthy loving relationship? What would it take for me to feel really amazing today? What would it take for me to have more abundance in my life? What would it take for me to experience an amazing day today? Instead of saying affirmations to yourself, really use questions because if you say affirmations that you may not believe it, sometimes you just say something and you don't believe it right? If you use questions on the other hand, it will open up your communication with the universe it will open up your subconscious mind and you will be open to receive guided action from the universe. You will be able to have new ideas have new experiences. And the universe will send you answers and whatever answer it may send you just follow it. For example, you may ask the universe what would it take for me to be in a happy, healthy loving relationship? And you might hear an answer, like, get and buy a new dress or get your hair done, get your nails done, or redo your furniture at home, just something like that. And you might think, okay, that's not actually directly what I wanted. But anyways, follow it, follow the answers that the universe gives you. redo your apartment, go and get that new dress, go and get your hair done, your nails done or go and work on yourself. Maybe it doesn't have to be all in the appearance. It can be just working on yourself being more happy being more healthy eating Healthy, everything like that, that will raise your vibration and asking questions. What would it take questions will open up your guided intuition with the universe? Comment down below now, what would it take for me to be in a happy, healthy loving relationship? What would it be? What would it take to be in a happy, healthy loving relationship or whatever else you want to manifest?

4. Number four is bless what you already have and what you want. So, what does that mean? Instead of when you see another couple, for example, instead of being jealous and saying, Oh my God, this couple sucks. I always see other couples, and I'm single this really sucks. Instead of that say, Oh wow, it's wonderful. See that couple found love it. possible for them it's possible for me be really happy for them. raise your vibration by being happy for them. And don't be jealous don't go to this negative low vibrations and low feelings of jealousy, unhappiness, things like that really avoided you get yourself to being in being happy about when you see what you read what you want to manifest yourself, this is a sure way to raise your vibration so much faster and attract what you want. I hope you liked this video, give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. Bye for now.