3 Signs Your Manifestation Is Close


Today you will learn the three signs that your manifestation is coming your way.

1. You Discovered Your Manifestation Blocks

Sign number one is you discovered your manifestation blocks. That means you were blocking your manifestation power but you have discovered all these beliefs that are blocking you. For example

  • I am not enough it's hard to earn money. 
  • It's hard to find the right person.
  • All good men are gone.
  • I'm too young, to earn more money.
  • I'm too old to earn more money. 

All these beliefs are blocking away what you want to manifest. What you desire. It stops the law of attraction from working in the direction that you want. Because remember, the law of attraction always works. But if you have these blocks, then it will not work in the direction that you want.  

2. You Removed Your Blocks

Sign number two is you removed your blocks. Well, after discovering your blocks, what do you need to do? Of course, you need to remove them. You need to get rid of these bad blocks. Bad believes that you have been carrying around with you. Why on earth did you carry them with you? We all have them. But it's possible to get rid of them and the sign.  

You don't have to remove all your blocks at once to make your manifestation work. But even if you remove just one block that will kick start your manifestation power in the right direction. That will unleash your manifesting powers like you've never seen before. Believe me, I've seen magical things happen to my clients. After removing their blocks. Things drastically changed. We had lottery winners. Women attracting their soulmate.

This can happen to you too. If you want to know more you can book a FREE SESSION with me. We will discover what is blocking your manifestation power and how we can remove your blocks.

3. You Are Grateful

Sign number three is you are grateful for what you already have in your life. Yes, this is old school right? I bet you have heard that a million times already. And here I come saying the same thing again. But it's important. It's important to be grateful for your manifestations. To raise your vibration by being grateful. Showing the universe some appreciation for what you have in your life. What you have created. What you have manifested so far. Even if it's not the perfect spot in life where you want to eventually be. But still be grateful. Think about it. What if you been had given a present to a friend and they're like "I hate this present". Would you want to give that friend another present? You wouldn't. I wouldn't. And the universe is the same. The universe gives you a present. Gives you a situation and some love, aka problems to solve. And you need to be grateful for the small things that you have. Hey, we have all running hot water, right? It's a big thing to be grateful for. Remember 200 years ago that would have been like, wow. You get what I'm saying here. Let's take another sip of coffee. And be grateful for the coffee.