3 Signs Money Is Coming Your Way


This video you will learn three signs that money is coming your way.

1. You Discovered Your Blocks

Sign number one is you discover what blocks you have. You discover what beliefs you have about yourself and about money. These can be things like money is hard to get. I'm not smart enough to earn money. Only the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. You have to work hard to receive money. You have to be born in the right family and the right country to receive a lot of money.

All those things are blocks in your energy field that will keep away money from you. And the worst part about them is you may not be even aware of them. So I want you to think about what blocks you have, really give it time really think about it. What is holding you back? Be sure to discover your blocks. This is so so important. It's so dangerous not to discover the blocks. Because if you're not aware of them, you are not able to work on them and remove these blocks, right. So really sit down and start thinking about what blocks you have in your vibrational field that keeps away money.

2. You Got Rid Of Your Blocks

Number two is you need to get rid of your blocks after discovering your blocks. Of course, what do you need to do? You need to work on them to remove them to get rid of them. In order for you to unleash your manifesting powers and make the law of attraction work for yourself. Remember you are a vibrational energy and the universe will give you what you send out.  What vibration you send out. So you need to remove these blocks that are seated in or around your body. You can do that by asking questions.

First connect yourself to the light, loving light, connect yourself to the Universe by imagining a beam of light entering your body and surrounding your body. Grounding yourself and surrounding yourself by a white ball of light. Sou always need to start that way. Because you need to work with the universe, you need to work with the universal energy. In order to get rid of these blocks, these blocks are seated so deeply, and you need the universe you need that energy to get rid of them. So after you connected yourself to the loving light you start to say your statements for example,

  • what would it take for me to get rich? 
  • What would it take for me to receive money?
  • What would it take for me to receive an extra $500?
  • What would it take for me to receive money? 

Send it out into the universe. When it's written, it's even more powerful. Really connect yourself to the light. Think about your statement, what would it take for me to receive money.

3. You Are Grateful

And step number three is gratitude. Of course, we all know when you're grateful you are in such a good vibration that you will attract better things into your life, your vibrational level will be on a vibration of love, abundance, gratitude, and that will make you attract love, abundance, and money. So think about what you are grateful for that you already have in your life. It may be your job, it may be your food, it may be like very little, little things. Also you can practice to be grateful for things that you already received. Think about it, your parents or someone put clothes on you, gave you food, you went to school, all those things were for free. You didn't have to do anything. Be grateful for that. Put a little note in your pocket that says thank you, thank you, thank you for all the money that I received.

That will put you in a gratitude state and it will raise your vibration you can also go out into the nature and see the abundance of the nature. Observe the abundance of the nature and feel the gratitude. If you think it, it is one thing, but if you feel it, it's so much more powerful, and it will raise your vibration so much faster. So, do these practices that I told you. Just go out into the nature. Be grateful for the money that you receive that you already have in your life. Even if you have bills coming in all the time. Don't worry about that. Just be grateful for the money that you already have.