1111 Meaning: Why Do I Keep Seeing 1111 Everywhere


This video you will learn the meaning of 1111. 

1. Check Your Thoughts

Meaning number one is check your thoughts. If you keep seeing the four digit ones somewhere, for example, on your phone, or on your computer somewhere or on the internet the universe wants to remind you to check your thoughts in that moment.

And if you have positive thoughts, then it is kind of an affirmation. For example, you're very happy in that moment or you're very positive towards the future. You're looking for a new job, you have a business idea, you're looking for a new partner, then it tells you "Yes, you're on the right way, the thing that you want is going to come soon." 

But if your thoughts are negative, then it's a warning, then the universe wants to tell you stop it. Stop these thoughts. Now, if you want to manifest money and you have negative thoughts about money, for example, oh, I don't have enough money. I have another bill coming in and I just don't have the money to pay it or I don't know how to get it. The universe wants to remind you to stop those negative thoughts and start to think positively. Because then your perception will change and the universe will conspire to help you out. So be aware of this.

2. Reclaim Your Connection

Number two is reclaim your connection to the universe. The universe wants to let you know that we are all one that you are one with the universe and are connected to the universe at all times. That means you are an infinite being. You are a beautiful soul. You are a soul having a human experience. You are created from the universe. The universe loves you immensely and wants to remind you that it wants you to connect to the light in that moment connect to the light and feel the energy of the universe. See yourself in a white loving bulb of light and loving energy because love is all around you and the universe really wants to show you that.

Ask yourself, what would it take for me to feel and know that I am ONE with the universe?

3. Be Confident

Number three is perceived confidentially. That means whatever you have on your mind, the universe wants to tell you you need to be confident. Whether you want to earn more money, apply for a job or start a business.

The universe wants to tell you be confident in what you do. Be there, be present in what you do. Follow that path. Follow that dream of yours. Don't feel fear. Don't stop because of fear. Feel into your confidence and follow what your heart and mind desires. It's a sign, a love sign from the universe. To show you you are on the right path.